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baby burial gowns for the tiniest babies here

baby burial service smallest baby funeral clothes from 16 weeks pregnant

burial blankets for tiny coffins another service needs for pre-term infants. sensitive staff to meet your individual needs contact us with any questions on sizes and delivery on tel 01942 594473 tel 07715218314 MON- FRI 10am -11pm


burial service urn

burial or cremation for early babies find all you need to know on our website.

Create a natural burial service for your little one from start to finish.
From tiny burial gowns and clothes to the planning of the burial service order. With funeral Poems, funeral Prayers Songs that can be found easily here for you.

Baby Burial service or a cremation funeral Heaven and Hope are the only UK tiny baby burial gowns and burial clothes and preterm baby funeral specialist. Providing micro-sized clothing to bury early babies most discretely in. When a mum has a miscarriage at home what happens to baby ? For a home burial you can have a private funeral with total discretion from neighbours.

In case you decide to move house at a later date We recommend a large urn to bury your infant in our tiny coffins fetus size start for babies start at 10 weeks of pregnancy. offering a comfortable forever bed to sleep in. After 23.6 days of pregnancy babies have to have a funeral service, burial service or cremation service by law. Its from 24 completed weeks you get a stillborn baby death certificate.

funeral service outfits childen  burial service clothing tiny baby

Funeral service what can you dress your child in after delivery ?

Offering a complete range of teeny tiny first outfits in pastel shades, white burial gowns and burial clothes with a splash of colour too. What can you dress babies born tiny in? if you are going to be induced at 16 weeks because a baby has sadly passed away, they will be very slippery. We recommend a burial gown and hat set. For babies born slightly further along at 20 weeks then you can choose a gown set. however a sleepsuit with a hat and mittens is another popular choice. The tiny funeral nappies are available from 20 weeks gestation.

burial service order

Bereavement order of service for babies burial

planning the actual funeral service will differ to that of an adult due to the fact the family will have had a lifetime to create memories. You are in charge of what goes into the order of service so can incorporate things such as a slide show playing scan images and family photos. child friendly nursery rhymes played as guests enter. Creating a day of love and beauty as a treasured way to say goodbye.

burial coffins

funeral service with a micro sized coffin for early miscarriage

Coffins have arrived for a tiny infant funeral. To begin with these can be used for a cremation or to bury very tiny babies 6 to 12 weeks pregnant. Paying Honour to a child born sleeping in the first trimester can be of an importance significance in saying goodbye. It also helps to have closure after an early infant loss. Mums often feel its their fault after losing one or more babies this early. This is not your fault as a mother.

what ever service you pick for your child by means of a burial or cremation you may want inspiration for the wording to put in the order of service. Click on one of the boxes of prayers songs poems on this page. new quotes are added regular. Lots are Based on the actual ones that some bereaved parents also used . They found them comforting and a peaceful way to say a final farewell. Feel free to use any poems written by Heaven and Hope too from our website for your funeral service planning.


burial outfit  funeral burial

funeral service clothes to bury your little one with dignity and respect

You can find the smallest preterm burial gowns, babies burial clothes and tiny baby funeral accessories to match. Such as micro nappies hats babies socks bootees etc..
Plus Bespoke handmade premature sized burial clothes available upon request. Allowing your child to be dressed and to bury them with the respect they deserve. In particular suitable in the smallest sizes. Fitting your child with dignity and honour settled in peace. You can rest assured baby can then be made comfortable dressed and at rest. Ready for family viewing at the hospital, home or funeral home after delivery.

burial service christening gowns baptism

Also available at Heaven and Hope are Christening gowns and Christening outfits a more luxurious range babies clothes to bury your baby in. Such as 1lb in weight size burial clothes. Likewise these are so small yet stunning and attention to detail. look out for Precious Gems a designer brand. often a chaplain will come to the hospital to bless baby or baptise them there and then. Its about making as many loving memories as possible before saying a final farewell.

Fast dispatch and priority special deliveries to all uk addresses. Main colours in white a symbol of innocence and purity all other traditional and trendy baby colours available too.

For mid-late miscarriage premature baby burial clothes what you need . plus micro teddy bears and more for baby loss memory box .or presenting the family with a baby funeral gift such as memorial jewellery by Precious Memories tm.

Something Precious™Is the brand of tiny baby clothes at Heaven and Hope. It gives you the opportunity to pick an outfit for your baby to wear rather than being left naked or covered in just a blanket. This online store has baby burial garments, premature baby burial wear from 16 weeks gestation upwards. Mum can also purchase separate essential infant Clothing items for a baby funeral too including stillborn baby wear,baby baby bereavement nappies and micro baby socks 0-2lb size. teddies and micro baby funeral shawls.

provision has also been made For burying the smallest premature baby. born earlier than 18 weeks gestation. 2nd trimester for babies born stillborn. Suitable pouches and quilt sets made from soft cotton and baby wool for babies too delicate for dressing in clothes. new lines added softest babies burial pouches, settled ready for family cuddles just before the baby funeral or burial service. In addition to outfits these baby pouches are available when a tiny infant is too fragile to wear early baby clothes. They are simply to tender to dress due to the bone structure. Usually for babies born less than 16 weeks gestation.

cheapest funeral burial uk for babies

cheapest funeral burial uk located, especially for babies. In fact a baby funeral should be free. Most funeral directors in the uk arrange the services free of charge. For the cheapest funeral burial you may be thinking but why are costs involved.Its the services that are associated with a funeral that bumps up the price. For instance ordering funeral flowers for a coffin top.The shop the local funeral director may use may offer them at a reduced price for a childrens burial.

The venue location what is the cheapest funeral burial place to hold it at.
Churches charge for the minister or vicar to attend,like his or her petrol cost.Some also charge to put fresh flowers out on display too.Comunnitiy centres can offer the room free so logn as the buffet you order comes directly from them. Then its the caters and food you'll pay for .

Depending what you order then the prices go up. Or you can see if it's cheaper to pay for the room and let another family member do the catering. Not a lot put death announcements in the newspapers these days ,so you can cross that off the list making it cheaper still.

Due to the sensitive nature of the person passed away being an infant cutting down on the number of guests will bring costs down to.That way is more discreet. Plus You only want immediate family knowing about your private business.Its the upgrades that take the price up when arranging a memorial service.

Burial plot cheapest in the uk

For a baby burial deciding on a final resting place determines the cost involved. It's not the cheapest buying a new plot from the government. Opening a grave that the family may own is a cheaper option. This due to the government charging for the grave diggers to come and attend the grave prior to the commital service.

For a baby miscarriage for an early pregnancy then if baby is born sleeping less than 24 weeks pregnant then you can avoid high costs by having a little service at home.Close family with a baby burial in a back garden. Surrounded by natural flowers babies can be laid to rest in peace in a chosen garden urn. then if the family moves home many years later the baby can be transported easily in the garden urn too.

Is there a cheapest funeral plan for a baby

for the cheapest funeral plan for an infant there isnt one like adults have. A funeral plan is a pre-paid option done for adults /elderly.If you search online for this term it means you'd be paying for a funeral in monthly payments or as a lump sum before the person in question dies. So lets say a grandparent takes out a funeral plan. its paid for before the funeral.Its done so the funeral cost have already been sorted out. There will be no bill to pay once a funeral has taken place because it was pre-done.

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how to pay for infant burial outfits online

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where to get valued support for baby bereavement

This site is Not only a premature baby burial clothes site but a support site for you and your family suffering the loss of a little one at this time of need. Treating each family with respect, dignity and sensitivity at this very distressing time. We hope you never need our services for a tiny premature infant but if you do we are glad to serve you in any way we possibly can. lots of useful resources added regular on this website further down the page "Proprietor S Sudlow. HEAVENANDHOPE website for premature baby clothes

see out new blog heaven and hope and why we have stillborn baby burial clothing

CLICK HERE as Bereaved parents say it with love for their tiny babies funeral wear ....

Ive just received my order today and wanted to 'thank you' for not only providing this service but also for the quality of the product, it is perfect and turned what I thought would be a devastating parcel to open actually a happy moment to visualise how my baby can be treated just like any other. Thank you so much from both myself and my husband. Steph from Lancashire


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