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burial babies

burial all your important questions answered here

burial definition is the final destination of a dead body being buried in the ground. also known as the internment A final resting place for the deceased.

burial for a fetus ,burials for preterm babies, bury a stillborn baby

Can you have a burial for a fetus ? yes , its who performs it that you can decide upon next. if you have a fetus or baby that died in hospital you can let the hospital make final arrangements. They sort out a communal burial or cremation of your baby. When it comes to the hospitals providing the service its free. The down side is its done in mass with other babies. There is no private grave spot for this arrangement. Meaning you cannot put personalized toys gifts or ornaments at the communal grave area.

burial stillborn baby

private burials for babies

This aspect comes in two parts. PART 1 . A baby that died can be buried at any age of pregnancy. You can arrange it yourself for babies that have died up to the 23.6 th week of being pregnant. Next you can sort out where to bury your baby in a few different burial grounds.
There is a home burial for a baby miscarriage. Wherefore another idea is A private garden or urn burial for a fetus size baby. If you have the grave deeds to a family plot you can add another person the a grave plot if there is space. Or if there is no more room the grave can be opened to have babies ashes remains put in instead. you can buy a new family plot, usually they last for 100 years ,rented from the government with enough room for 2 to 4 adult sized coffin spaces.

PART 2 . When a baby has died at the 24th completed week of pregnancy then the law changes in the UK. It is then classed as a stillborn baby death or a baby death if baby didn't die at birth. In this instance baby has to be buried or cremated. You can also use a funeral director to organise things for you.

a natural burial grounds funeral 

what is different about a natural burial ground plot ? You can choose one area from this list .picking one registered with the Association of natural burial grounds means those on the list are regulated to the highest environmental standards. plots are owned by local authorities, landowners, farmers, charities and also non profit organisations. Some let you put a gravestone on others let you plan a tree in their memory. each one is different so ask these sort of questions when making enquiries.

woodlands burial for babies

a woodlands burial is a natural eco friendly burial site. Usually in a wooded area of a cemetery. a baby must not be embalmed to use this burial place . A natural coffin made from cardboard or wicker is preferred. Heaven and Hope supply these types of fetus sized coffins. To prevent the natural beauty being destroyed with these types of grounds, no headstones are allowed. Natural flowers trees can be left instead so they blend in over time of a beautiful setting. This sounds like a lovely relaxing place to be buried. Gentle on the soul. peaceful walks with sounds like birds wildlife heard in the background.
You don't leave ornaments at the grave spot with this burying method.

Christian burial service for stillborn babies

A family can have a non religious or religious service such as a Christian burial. You pick the church for the funeral ceremony but can use a different cemetery for the baby's coffin to be buried at. Some church yards have spare graves but may be used up. Check with the local vicar or priest of the particular churchyard as you sort out final arrangements.