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Something Precious Baby loss baby funeral Services dressing precious tiny babies from 5 inches with dignity and respect they deserve.

Baby bereavement clothes Despatched Quickly within the uk so baby can be dressed as early as possible after passing away.


All the staff at Something precious (and Cheeky Chums our main website) are sensitive to the news of a family wishing to place an order under such distressing circumstances. All staff handle phonecalls in the most strictest of privacy and confidentiality to protect the whole family at this sad time.
Why do we provide this service?

What is a baby dressed in at the hospital in a case of a miscarriage or stillbirth in mid pregnancy? Most times nothing just a huge towel a blanket or presented on a tray which distressed one mum and midwife it had a lasting hurtful impression for many years to come.

After a family needed a 2lb outfit for a baby loss I was devastated in not being able to meet the families requirements so something Precious was sourced to meet the need. years later The range for tiny babies under 2lb has increased to provide all you need to dress baby from top toe including micro socks and nappies for 1lb babies.

Most baby burial outfits are bespoke orders so mums can order what they want baby to wear not just donations sent into the hospital because there is nothing else.

You are more than welcome to ask a family member to take a look for you.In your own time to gently view something nice. You can dress baby at least once in something special.As your baby will be snuggly dressed,you can then have final cuddles before saying a final Goodnight and God Bless tucked up comfort for the funeral.You will feel much more comforted has you will have choosen something precious to make baby feel as settled as possible.
You may use The Customer support telephone numbers if you need to talk.Some mums do find this service useful.
Something Precious (is a brand of Cheeky Chums) and provides tiny baby sized clothing sets to dress a baby born asleep or which has very sadly passed away.Sizes start from 6 inches in length and 4 inches in head circumference.
Most baby burial gowns and and baby funeral clothing are hand made to order very quickly or in stock on standby for a quick despatch.
We understand your need for them to be rushed out and they do take priority over other orders from our main website at Cheeky Chums for premature infants.
Baby bereavement Assessories and keepsake items are also available. baby can have a cuddle with a micro teddy bear for the baby's little casket for baby to be buried with or cremated.Or kept in a special memory box with the family as a treasured keepsake after the funeral.
You can find the tiniest of essentials here for stillborn baby funeral such as micro nappies, vests and socks to complete each set which you would otherwise find it most difficult to source from the highstreet and online websites.
Something Precious also offer bespoke orders in the event you prefer an order made to fit or choose fabric in your favourite colour to dress your little one.
You won't need to worry about having a blanket to cover baby in which is way,way too big,as Something Precious also provide tiny shawls in the most micro of sizes all neatly crochet in pastel shades and crisp whites all tucked snug in comfort.
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