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burial plot costs

burial plot costs family and babies

burial plot costs in the UK. Is it expensive ? where do I get burial plot from in the UK?
In this article we answer your most sought after burial plot questions especially for baby graves. This may contain upsetting news for you. If this is likely to cause any unnecessary distress and grief please press your back button now.

The sad news when a baby dies is also the most unexpected. After an adult starts to reach middle age they may start to get insurance or start to buy a burial plot for when they get older. In most instances families never anticipate having to buy one so soon just so they can put their child inside first.

With the cost of living going up at an unprecedented rate there may not even be any spare cash to buy a burial plot for the family. In such a case that you want your baby to be buried with family.

Ask close family members if another person already has a close family grave plot with deed papers. that way baby can be kept close with family instead of being alone in a newly dug grave plot. You may need to get it in writing the permission.

Its because at present if a mum and dad are in a grave and there are two spare places it will go to their children. The grave will not automatically pass to any spouse member.

lots of cemeteries are starting to get full up so to speak. A grave plot is usually rented to the family by the council for 100 years. If you are fortunate you could ask what sites are available and talk a walk around before committing to a particular burial space. they are numbered and a local cemetery map means you can see roughly where they are situated.

Asking at your local cemetery about a baby garden or memorial garden may mean you can have your baby buried with other babies and children of a similar age. keeping them company with their peers instead.

costs of a child burial plot in the UK

The children's funeral fund can help with the cost of a burial plot. (CFF) but with things changing ever so fast they may change the rules as the cost of living increases. so check before thinking its going to be totally free for your family's needs. it does not cover the cost of a headstone on top.

what is a burial plot?

A burial plot is a final resting place of a dead body. It can contain multiple family members . It also may have boxes with a family members ashes remains in instead a buried body. Burial plots may be on private land dedicated for natural burial plots. cemetery grounds, plus in council owned grounds.

what happens when you buy a burial plot UK

If you buy a 4 person burial plot in advance this is what happens. You pay the council for the family graveplot. They send you a receipt and the grave deed papers. You need to keep these in a safe box locked away but tell relevant family members Just in case. Its always better to let people know your plans in advance just to be safe. Once you have the grave deed plot number you can arrange the burial.

If you will be using a private funeral director tell them the grave plot number for your baby to be buried in. They will arrange with grave diggers to prepare the ground. Its usually done a couple days before the burial or internment. The internment means the putting of the body to rest in the ground.

They will be there on the day of the burial too. This is so once the last family member has said a final goodbye they can fill the ground back in with earth. sods of grass will be neatly put back in place. A headstone cannot go on top until the ground has settled.

usually its at least 6 months after the coffin has gone inside. You could always put a wooden cross on as a temporary grave marker to mark the exact spot.

looking after the burial plot of your baby

You can attend to the grave with fresh or artificial flowers on , TIPS for tending the grave at each visit. 1. bring a bin liner to put in any rubbish in leaves, paper wrapping or other litter that may have blown onto the plot. a quick tidy will make the grave plot look spick and span for you. 2. bring a bottle of water for fresh water flowers.

tip out any stagnant water and rinse out the vase. for crisp clean floral arrangement. 3. bring garden shears to trim away long grass. or a sharp pair of scissors. bring a pair of pliers to cut artificial flowers. scissors wont do it due to being made of wire inside. 4. more is less do not overcrowd the grave area with toys ornaments. The gardeners need to mow the lawns around the grave areas so will need close access near the head stone part.

If we own a family burial plot are there any charges afterwards?
The council charge fees for opening a grave to add someone. This at present is around £90.00 for an adult. see if this is free for your baby when you arrange the funeral with your chosen funeral directors.