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baby burial a time to grieve

Miscarriage stillbirth Baby loss,Infant death a healthy way to grieve.

11 important factors for a healthy way to grieve after a baby loss.

This blog post has some very sad news if it is likely to offend please press your back button now!

  1. Give your baby name even if he or she didn't have a birth/death certificate ie for babies born under 24 weeks gestation.
  2. Final cuddles if baby has been born stillborn have final cuddles rather than not at all you will regret it later if even for only a moment.
  3. If baby is close to passing away let baby gently pass away in your arms peacefully with family around compared to being alone,( as you may not want to face it).You can create a more loving environment for your little one.
  4. Autopsies can give some closure as to why baby died some parents blame themselves and it can help to know you were not to blame.
  5. Creating memories having a little box with some momentos of baby is good for remembering,and sharing with others about your baby.
  6. Talking to others family friends,support groups is a good way to express your feelings and built up emotions.knowing you are not the only person in the world as been through this is very comforting.
  7. How Do You come to terms with a baby’s loss ? keeping strong, not isolating yourself from close family, they are hurting too and love you even amongst the pain and turmoil.
  8. Do what your body needs not what your mind tells you, when physically you are so weak and just want to curl up and give up. Rest when you can, talk when you can, Cry when you can.Eat and drink little and often.A fresh daily walk alone will keep you motivated especially if you have other young children at home to tend to.
  9. What does the future hold? As you gradually regain the energy and accept the loss of baby try to focus on how can you use this part of your life for the well being of you, your family and others.
  10. here are some suggestions that other families have done.
  11.  Set up a local baby loss support group to assist other parents.
  12. Raise funds for a local rememberance garden.
  13. Arranged a charity event to assist other baby loss charities.

What problems may arise to stop you from being able to cope and move on.

  • Shutting out a partner who will be grieving too but not always as the same way as you do.
  • Keeping baby's remains or ashes with you in the house.
  • Creating a graveside which becomes so overcrowded with gifts and such a shrine that you never really want to leave the cemetery, to spend time anywhere else.
  • You may not want to throw anything or any flowers or gift by someone away from the graveside, but you can keep it fresh and tidy by adding a new item each birthday.Cleaning the a stone every few months if baby has one with a cloth and keeping the grass short.
  • Replacing artificial flowers at least twice a year gives it a fresh look too without smelly real ones going bad as they rot.
  • Then the love you have for baby will always be in your heart and the memories can live on and be much more treasured.