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Bathing a stillborn baby do I have a choice

Bathing a stillborn baby do I have a choice? bathe a baby born stillborn.

Depending on the size of your baby at birth you may wish to bathe/ wash your baby and settle him or her in some clothing. Babies under 19 weeks are often too delicate for dressing in clothes and you will find you won't want baby to be disturbed too much.

spending this quality time with your baby will help you create loving memories to treasure forever.

What to dress your tiny stillborn baby in after bathing?

0-1/4lb baby bereavement pouch/shawl/also known as a fetal demise pouch. 

1/4-1/2lb baby gown hat,knitted layette set

1-3lb hat, bereavement gown,nappy. or tiny baby grow nappy and hat,for girls: gown or dress,bonnet/hat socks nappy.

3-5lb boys in baby gown or outfit in favourite colour, or white girls in gown / robe,dress cardigan nappy bonnet / hat.

5-8lb nappy, vest,baby grow cardigan and hat.

or  gown /dress cardigan and bonnet/hat and nappy.

For babies under 19 weeks gestation born stillborn .This is where you may only need a fetal demise pouch or tiny moses basket blanket or tiny shawl to keep your baby warm and comfortable in for a final sleep due to babys delicate body when holding.

For Babies over 20 weeks you can gently bathe baby and dress in suitable clothes. Although if you shop around you wont find many places that cater in clothing for the tinest babies born asleep.

Here at Something Precious you can find the tinest baby clothes that reflect a symbol of purity and innocence from 12 cm.Cheeky Chums baby bereavement section also have a much wider range too here.

Does the funeral director bathe and dress a stillborn baby born asleep

When the baby arrives at the funeral director they will make sure baby is suitably dressed for what's known as "family viewing". They will want to make sure you and other family members are comfortable seeing baby and will do what ever you as parents need and want.

Sometimes baby will go to the funeral directors after an autopsy so they will ask you if there is any special outfit you want baby to wear. They will make sure baby is covered if any blemishes have occured. Tiny babies are too tiny for embalming so baby will have to be kept in a cool place.You may not want to disturb baby too much if baby has started to become much too delicate.