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causes late miscarriage

miscarriage burial

Causes of a late miscarriage in pregnancy

late miscarriages at 18-20 weeks gestation why they happen.

· Cervical incompetency or very early premature labour

 The cervix begins to dilate before the pregnancy has reached full term. Cervical incompetence may cause miscarriage or preterm birth during the second and third trimesters. Cervical incompetence accounts for about 15 to 20 percent of all pregnancy losses during the second trimester.

 Infections cause miscarriages
Some viral and bacterial infections increase the risk of pregnancy loss.research found in some instances bacterial vaginosis infection occured in pregnancy to first and second trimester miscarriages.S.T.D chlamydia might increase miscarriages.Listeria and Salmonella infections by food related infections can cause miscarriages.

 Abdominal trauma
This may be in the form of a physical assault, a motor traffic accident, a domestic accident or an accident at work.A direct penetrating trauma to the uterus reduces the prospects for the fetus quite substantially

When a pregnant woman is injured, especially if it is somewhere around the abdomen or pelvis, the ensuing anxiety becomes two-pronged. "Am I alright and is my baby alright?" This concern is readily understandable and explainable.

The natural maternal instinct is for the preservation of her child. However, it is also true that nature makes pregnancies fairly safe from considerable trauma, even when this is directly inflicted on the abdomen or pelvis.could lead to fetal demise simply because of its severity. This may be in the form of direct trauma to the fetus itself, or perforation of the womb, with resultant severe internal bleeding Miscarriage or premature labour are not common consequences, even of major trauma.

miscarriages due to birth defects and genetic problems

Congenital birth defects, such as heart malformations in the baby
placenta previa.Nemaline myopathy.Aeortic stenosis.CHD.GBS.velementous insertion

If you have lost one baby to any of the above conditions consult your Gyno for future pregnancies.You may need to be closely monitored have regular scans to pick up any problems early on.In conditions Such as an Incompetent cervix you can have a stitch put into your cervix to enable you to carry baby to full term or near to.the stitch is removed just before you give birth.

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causes of a late miscarriage

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