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 funeral poem baby loss Quotes for baby bereavement service

funeral poem baby

funeral poem ideas for baby funeral service can be found here. choosing a funeral poem for a baby bereavement is more sensitive than an adult. losing a baby you see is the worst form of grief. Picking an appropriate poem needs more careful searching for or planning for. Especially if you decide to write your own. In general funeral, poems are be located on the internet in plentiful supply for adults. In short, Its because a parent hasn't accumulated many years of memories like with a grandparent for instance. All the hopes and dreams for their baby growing up has been destroyed in an instant.

listed below are some poem examples for baby loss . After many years of research. Bereaved families do not want the hear Following the loss of a baby. The findings revealed they do want sympathy. They want empathy and understanding and to acknowledge their loss.. poem for babies available freely to use inside your cards. pick one or write your own funeral poem from the ones listed just below.

funeral verse for a miscarriage

when mum has had a miscarriage and the sex of baby was not confirmed. Feel free to use these example funeral poems that's unisex. Poem appropriate for a funeral after an early miscarriage.

1. like a gentle butterfly you briefly fluttered near. A fleeting visit off you fly way up into heaven as the clouds pass by.
2. My darling little baby too beautiful to stay. Playing with the angels till we meet again some day.
3. sleeping soundly we say goodnight, our precious little angel and a star that's so bright. Looking up at the sky tonight , we'll blow you a kiss as we tell you sweet baby you'll be sadly missed.
4. Our baby is sleeping in Gods arms at rest. Making us happy so loved and so blessed. I'm sorry you left us you had to depart. But the love that we have for you is forever in our hearts .
5. Gentle Jesus meek and milk looking after our precious child. No tears or hurt No pain will you know just lots of laughter and a beautiful glow. Running skipping and happy as can be playing with the angels and giggling with glee.

Baby loss quotes

  1. my heart skips a beat until again we meet. My baby with little feet loved forever and ever so sweet.
  2. My life will never be the same now that I have lost you, And through the memories and the pain you know I will always love you precious child.
  3. I never got to see you dance , oh what I would do just to have the chance. Just one more hug and a kiss from me to you. Rest in peace my darling for mummy loves you. 
  4. Up in heaven the angels are with you , oh I wish I was with you too. To see a smile upon your face , and what I would give for just one more embrace. Rest in peace precious darling for mummy loves you. What I would give to spend another day with you.
  5. Why is it fair that my baby has gone. Growing inside me now a child I have none. You only knew love and that keeps me strong. oh why did you die will I ever move on . Tears that I cry for you will they ever go away. Treasuring your memory that's what I'm going to do. And put flowers on your grave and say "Coz mummy loves you".
Card poem for baby funeral



  • Here is a hug and a loving kiss your precious baby will be greatly missed, we are here for you when you need us.
  • You are in my/our thoughts and will always remembered goodnight dear baby. 
  • With Heartfelt sorrow but our love is with you all at this sad time. 
  • Our thoughts and prayers are with you all take care.
  • Goodnight God bless dear baby, sleep tight as your take your final rest.

  • Sleeping as quiet as can be,treasured memories forever will be.Born asleep and now apart,our love is with you deep in our heart. 


Baby bereavement service poem for the funeral 

sensitive stillborn baby poem to be read out at babys' funeral or placed on baby's funeral flowers card.

baby loss poems 

we waited for you as the months went by, to appear on earth for just a short time, a life time of love all rolled into one day, goodnight precious baby as we wipe the tears away.

so silent you appeared not a sound at your birth. you never felt pain or hurt on this earth.we loved you from the start and now forever in our heart remembering you always and never to depart.


  • A life is like a butterfly so tender and so dear we will miss you little baby remember  we are always near.A sweet song for you plus a tender loving kiss I know you're asleep in heaven in a better place such bliss.

  • What pleasure and what Joy to have known my little boy,its was only for a short while yet you made your family smile.All snuggled up for a final sleep.We love you baby until again we meet.

  • We love you darling baby that is sent from all our heart.Treasured memories last a lifetime forever and never depart.A Cuddle and a hug as you lay on daddy's knee,and all settled in your blanket as as comfy as can be. 

  • Two little doves flying in the sky taking you to heaven after we have said goodbye.We love you dearest baby and we have from the very start,So goodnight our little princess that is sent from all our hearts.

  • A star that's in heaven shining in the night,is like a little candle shining ever so bright.It guides a path to heaven where the angels are gathered there, waiting for our baby where theres lots more love to share.So goodnight our baby darling,you will be surely missed we will never ever forget you, as we give you one last kiss.(finish by blowing kisses to baby).


more. poem ideas for an infant funeral...


    • Blue tiny eyes with a whisper of hair,I held you so dearly as we said our goodbyes a star up above and the light of our lives.
    • Dearest baby ever so sweet, mummys baby darling with little tiny feet,
    • A kiss, a smile and a tear or two,never to be forgotten,and thinking of you.
    • A precious gift that wasnt here for very long,yet you heard mummys voice with a lullaby song,
    • I love you my darling forever in my heart,memories for a lastime and never to depart.
    • One little cuddle,and a long lasting hug,all wrapped up snug, farewell sweet baby with lots of love.
 writing your own poem

how do you start to write a funeral poem for a close family members' funeral. When its quiet make a note of all the things good about the family member. next  start to put things your remember most about them. use mix and match words. Plus also use words that rhyme and make sentences from all the words you put down. 

thinking of love and all things good can be a good start if you arn't used to writing. make a list of everything good you saw in the baby. or a family member that passed away. putting your emotion into the poem will stand out .

4 lines of a poem are good . Try to write in little blocks . 8 lines is ample but if you feel you are flowing easily when you write the poem carry on. Then you will be really thrilled with the end result. You could also have them printed out to give to each person as they leave the funeral service. Its a loving way to treasure their memory forever.

often people laminate card with a little poem on one side and a photo or scan picture on the other side. its another way of celebrating a life at the funeral.



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please feel free to use any poem in your funeral planning written by myself proprietor of Heaven and Hope website.

 more poem choices...

mummy sad mummy weeping baby gone forever sleeping,

Remember me with loving tears.

Do not cry do not weep for I am only fast asleep.

up in heaven I will be running and playing and giggling with glee.


I am here up above with my Father a God of love. He took me home to wait for you it will go very quickly you will be with me soon. Time flies by 1 day is like a thousand years. I know my mummy will cry loads of tears. until we meet again someday chin up keep smiling because I like it that way.   ill watch you from heaven as you are needed on earth. You still have lots to do . and Mummy remember I'll always love you. 




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