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stillborn baby burial funeral prayers

funeral prayers baby

funeral prayers stillborn baby appropriate committed in love

funeral prayers are readily available for elderly relatives with a life time of memories. However finding child friendly funeral prayers for babies are few and far between in general. At Heaven and Hope we are passionate about helping families at this sad time, when you or a close family member have just lost a baby.

Having everything to hand in order plan a private funeral. To make the task less stressful. As a baby bereavement specialist we want to take some of the pressure off you in planning a baby's funeral. Here are a selection of funeral prayers written by ourselves that you can use freely.

mix and match or add a few lines to a order of service. You can print them off when its the right time. We cover unisex when mum had an early miscarriage, when the sex of baby had not yet be identified on an ultra sound scan. baby girls, baby boys and a multiple birth loss too.

miscarriage unisex caring funeral prayers for little babies

Father God we thankyou for our precious child, too beautiful for earth. keep them in your loving arms forever and ever Amen.

Dear God above a Father of love, creating beauty in all that is seen, thankyou for looking after our baby bean. Ever growing with you as their guide to be loving and happy with you by their side. Goodnight precious baby that was taken too soon. but we love you and miss you from the earth and to the moon.

Father God Beyond the sky above, cover us with your wings of love. strengthen our spirit as we say goodbye. Our baby on a journey to be with you. Goodnight precious baby mummy and daddy love you. remembering you in our hearts our true memories of you.

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funeral prayers a little blessing for an infant girl


  • Father in heaven we thank you for this precious life of baby's name....We ask that you will watch over her until her mother / fathers name... meet again, keep her safe in your loving arms in your heavenly Kingdom Amen.
  • Lord Jesus we thank you for your gift of Love which we were happy to  share with Baby's name.... and for short time you gave her to us,  to know her, as she was lovingly snug in her mummy's tummy. May your guardian Angels watch over her until we meet with her again Amen.
  • Dear God in heaven we ask for your love and peace be with the family as we say goodnight God bless to little baby's name...Keep a watch over her safe in your loving arms Amen.
  • Father God thankyou for the precious gift of life which you give to each and everyone of us. we ask that you keep precious baby's name...close by your side forever and ever Amen.
  • Lord Jesus Christ we pray that you will intercede for us on behalf of little baby name...strengthen the family at this sad time and comfort her parents whilst she's in heaven Amen.
  • Dear God in heaven above look after our baby until we meet again. thankyou for your guardian angels watching over ....(childs name) Amen.

prayers for baby stillborn precious boy so adored

  • Dear God thankyou for this precious life of baby's name...may you keep him him safe in your loving care and that your will support the family during this sad time in Jesus Holy Name we ask these things Amen.

  • lord Jesus Christ we have been really blessed to have known precious baby's name...even if it was just for a short while. Thankyou for loving us and we ask that you will comfort  the family at this time of grief and loss Amen.
  • Father God in heaven we thankyou for loving us and for your creation.it was a blessing to have known baby's name....send your grace and peace to the family at this time of sadness in Jesus name we ask Amen.
  • Dear God of heaven and earth we are here today to treasure and remember baby's name...Thankyou for the gift of life and keep him safe in your tender arms until we meet again Amen.
  • God of Love Joy and peace creator of all things we ask that you will watch and guide over baby's name...in your heavenly kingdom. comfort the family at this sad time until we meet again Amen.

prayers for multiple babies born sleeping stillborn

  • Father in heaven watch over these sleeping babies in your tender care as we treasure the memories of these little ones. keep them  by your side and leave your peace with the family at this sad time Amen.
  • Dear God of heaven and earth we thankyou for the miracle of life of precious baby's names.... .comfort the family in tears of sadness and joy that these babies brought to the family Amen.
funeral prayers for a baby non religious

The hardest things about non religious funeral prayers is you are not directing them to anyone in heaven up above. When you go on social media and you make a baby bereavement statement . Often you see comments from people saying "sending prayers".  

So the following comments are prayers that are sent from well meaning people, but as they are not sent from a religious person. are just as a comforting word.

Therefore you may like to include them in a funeral eulogy. 1) We are sorry for you loss.2) sending you lots of love.3) I'm so sorry your baby was so beautiful and perfect. 4) I wish you both strength. 5) Thinking of you both. 6) sending love to the family. 7) So beautiful life is so cruel.8) Your baby is loved by amazing parents. 9) Our hearts go out to you all at this sad time. 10) life is so unfair sending love to you both .


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