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my baby died after burial service what do I do our babies clothes

my baby died after burial service what do I do with babies clothes we collected keep them or throw them away?

When a baby has died unexpectedly either in a stillbirth or by a miscarriage sometimes you will have started collecting the baby's clothes and nursery goods already. After the burial service You may be numb to even think about sorting out any baby clothes you had been given to you or  a pram that was waiting to be used in the garage.

The thing is do not be to hasty in throwing them away. keeping them for another child in the future may be the last thing you want to think about ,as you will only want the baby that you have just lost not a baby to replace him or her will you ?

When the time is right for you here are some suggestions that will help you come to terms with your grief and your baby's passing.

  • You can store some of them in baby's memory box because these particular clothes are your baby's no one else's.
  • you can donate them to charity and it will give you a sense of satisfaction that they are helping someone else in need. 
  • you could cut them into squares and make a blanket to put over you in the colder winter.
  • You could give some to other members of their family as a gesture of good will. the only issue with this is every time you see their baby in it, but it could make you feel resentful towards their baby because yours didn't survive.
  • You could sell them at a car boot sale and donate the money to a baby loss cause, this is a rewarding thing to do as you are helping support another mum who has lost a baby.
  •  you may want to burn everything so you don't have to be reminded that your baby died and is no longer with you. This may give you instant release but you could regret it afterwards.
  • You could have a joiner make the cot or wooden baby items into a rocking chair for you, one family did this and was forever grateful and it was used daily.

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