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baby miscarriage signs symptoms

pregnancy miscarriage symptoms signs I have I had a baby miscarriage?

  1. miscarriage symptoms can be associated with bleeding from the vagina, it may be light heavy continuing or irregular.
  2. Blood clots or grey baby tissue from the vagina.
  3. cramping pains in the abdomen.
  4. no longer feeling sickness or tender breasts.
  5. Sometimes backache with bleeding.

In the first trimester of pregnancy there may also be a little bleeding around implantation so it can often frighten a mum to be into thinking she is having a miscarriage. this happens in the first trimester of pregnancy. A phone call to the midwife will put your mind at ease and is she suspects a miscarriage she can call you in for a fetal scan.

a missed miscarriage of baby

Sometimes baby has passed away in the womb and has not naturally come away from the womb. It is often noticed on the 12 week scan as there is no longer a fetal heartbeat detected. this is known as a missed miscarriage.

Complete miscarriage

  1. All the contents of the womb have come away.

incomplete miscarriage

  1. some of the tissues has been left in the womb prolonged bleeding  continues it can also lead to an infection if not treated.



Many young women have been faced with this problem over the years and many have sought solutions to such problems while some are still battling with the problems in their homes. This has caused a lot of havoc and still causing till today. Miscarriage is the termination of a pregnancy of the foetus prior to the right time. This has caused a lot of tears at home and one thing is that there are some miscarriages that occur spontaneously while some happen by mistake or even negligence from getting medical. Discussing the cause of this problems, there are signs one has when miscarriage is about to happen.


There are signs that are evident when miscarriages are about to happen to anyone who is pregnant but the major problem some women have is that they don’t even know they are pregnant not to talk of seeing signs of miscarriages. That’s why it’s necessary for one to go to the hospital and do test periodically. Early notice of pregnancy should quickly be reported in order get better advice and possible awareness in case one start seeing or feeling awkward when pregnant. When pregnant and you feel pains in your stomach then you should immediately see a doctor. The sign one feels when miscarriage is about to happen is that there will be decrease in the pregnancy symptoms. There are many people that feel sick or have nausea when pregnant but the signs are reduced when miscarriage is about to happen. It is advisable to seek medical advice in situation like this before anything happens.


There are so many things that cause miscarriages among women. As some will be listed below, there are some other things that do not cause miscarriage. Food eaten, exercise, stress is not the cause of miscarriages among women. Causes of miscarriages in women are:


When pregnant there are certain drugs the doctors would not recommend because they are dangerous for the baby and also dangerous for you too. On every visit to the hospital for pregnancy test, different advice would be given on the type of drugs to take and the ones that should be strictly avoided. Also, whenever you feel like taking any drugs that is not prescribed, it is appropriate and necessary that you tell your doctor about it before using them at all.

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes is caused when the body cannot produce insulin or does not make use of the insulin in the body and when trying to make ways of getting insulin it damages lots in the body. Therefore, when a woman is suffering from diabetes, it affects the pregnancy and can cause damage to the pregnancy in the womb.


Many women drink alcohol and some take it excessively. When a woman is pregnant, she should detest from taken alcohol too much even little should be avoided totally because it can affect the womb and cause spontaneous abortion.

Fertility Problems

Many women have this problem which made it difficult for them to be pregnant and when they are pregnant eventually, it affects them. Women like these should always visit the hospital for test frequently.


When a woman is overage, it affects the woman from getting pregnant. It’s advisable for women that are over 30 to prepare for this period but this does not happen all the time to overage women as it is known to be the cause.

Other major causes of miscarriage are:

Smoking which should be avoided when pregnant. Smoking is bad for the health therefore to protect the baby from harm such woman should avoid smoking.

Infections also cause miscarriages in women and there are treatments which could be inferred to such patients therefore there is important to see the doctor when you know you have infections.

Abnormalities of the womb also causes miscarriages in women

These are the causes that affect pregnant women and which majority can be avoided when better advice are gotten from doctors at medical centre or hospitals.


For every problem that arises, there is always a solution that can be proffered to it. The major solution when faced with pains or bleeding is regular visit to the hospital where you would not only be advised on what to do but also be given right treatment that may either help the situation permanently or temporarily. When you visit the hospital, there is a test carried out on pregnant women and the name of the assessment test is the Ultra scan. It is done by inserting a small probe into your vagina and this would be able to tell exactly what's wrong with the baby and also give remedies to it immediately.

There are treatments that can also be given to women to avoid miscarriages. While some believe in some natural treatment, the most appreciated and embraced way is to visit a doctor who will prescribe drugs that will relieve pains and help to be active.

Operations can also be done to women also when the situation gets serious and difficult to handle. So every woman who feels pains and experience bleeding should quickly call for an ambulance that will take her to the hospital to get proper and adequate treatment from a gynecologist.


The feelings that follow after one has experienced miscarriages are not just painful but also cause distress. Although the husband might be pained, but this pain cannot be compared to that of the wife who experienced miscarriage.

As great effect, anyone who has miscarriages may go through a lot of shock, pain, shock, and grief. However, people experiencing this should not always be left alone but must be surrounded by loved ones and people she confides in.

Finally, counselling session as a form of support must also be given to such women to always encourage them and make them hopeful for another pregnancy.