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early miscarriage private cremation of baby at home

early miscarriage at home arranging a private cremation 

this article contains graphic advice for cremation of a baby body, if its likely to cause any upset please press your back button now.

what to do immediately after an early miscarriage at home

early miscarriage at home. what to do next?. Ring the early pregnancy unit of the hospital to let them know. You don't need to take baby's remains in unless you want an autopsy.
Later on the hospital may confirm the miscarriage by having an ultra sound scan. At a later date The staff at hospital will advice you of this. To arrange a cremation with your local crematorium they will need a form from the hospital to say nothing untoward as happened to baby before they can proceed. Then they will give you a date for the internment.

In the case of a private cremation at your home

to organise a private cremation service in your back garden a baby must be no more than 23 weeks of completed pregnancy. From 24 completed weeks then legally baby has to have a funeral or cremation service. in this instance then you get a death certificate to proceed with a funeral.

Next the downside of using a crematorium for a baby this small is the staff often say you may not get any ashes remains retuned back to you. This is due to the body structure being so tender as this stage of a fetus/ baby's development.

At home you are in control of what goes in baby's coffin. As the cremation starts so will have some ashes remains if but just a small amount for the family to keep.

at home its more a private service away from prying neighbours. Especially if they are deliberately looking what's going on behind their curtains. You don't have to tell the wide world then what's happened. When baby has delivered you can keep baby cool by using ice around the body. an ice cream tub would help to stop the ice leaking on the floor . You can get tiny baby coffins for babies up to 14 weeks gestation for a cremation. Order this size easily after a miscarriage from the discreet website Heaven and Hope baby coffins section. often made from strong card this medium is a good choice as its kinder for the environment .


You could get the help from a strong family member to do the actual cremation. For a fetus size baby (0-16 weeks) place baby in a wooden or cardboard coffin / box with a lid on . use a tin such as a large sweet tin and drill holes around the bottom so the air can get in and keep a fire intact. add newspaper or old letters around the box .

Next put a large hole in the lid about the size of a ten pence piece. this is for the smoke to escape. wooden coffins take longer to burn than card. once everything as turned to ash you can let them cool before putting them into an ashes urn. Heaven and Hope have different types of the very smallest baby cremation ashes urns for preterm babies -newborn sizes.

once you have baby's ashes at home in an urn. you can later decide if you want to scatter them or keep with the family close by. There is no rush for this .

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