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#rr 24 weeks stillborn baby clothes neutral shade RAINBOW REFLECTIONS 1-2LB

stillborn baby clothes neutral shade RAINBOW REFLECTIONS 1-2LB SIZE

stillborn baby outfit for burial service. dressed from top to toe. born at 24 weeks size. beautiful and soft to the touch . a light weight fabric 100% polyester spun jersey with stretchy cotton trims. so its not to heavy to dress baby tenderly in. If you imagine a puddle with splashes of oil on it. you can often see the rainbow colour reflections. stunning. comes with a gown fastens at the back with ribbon for easier dressing of baby. knot hat to keep the head warm enough along with mittens for cosy fingers. We are very pleased to announce for every meter of fabric bought on this item the factory donates £1.00 to Tommy's baby charity that helps premature babies. click the order button just below to pick this style outfit for your little ones special day.


Tommy's is a uk based pregnancy charity helping to support every baby. they research into the causes of miscarriages and stillbirth. One research they are looking into is if a certain antibiotic is helping to prevent miscarriages. They are also running clinical trials to see if blood thinning tablets can help stop a miscarriage too. Tommy's are also working on a project for stillborn babies. Did you know 1 in every 250 births ends in a stillborn baby delivery. Studying a baby's heartbeat is one research method they are conducting to see if they can predict distress. So as you can see its a valuable resource site,and can be found online in the search engine easily.

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