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stillborn baby pictures photographer

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Q1. my daughter will be giving birth to her stillborn son next week do you think the hospital will let us take photographs of the baby?

A1. yes the midwives will allow you to stay with baby as long as you want and to take photos of their baby. you will then be able to treasure them in a babies memory box or album lovingly forever.

Q2. Can photographs of stillborn babies be edited as baby died in the womb a few weeks ago and isn't looked too good condition wise?

A2. yes some online photographers can edit photos of babies born stillborn. or you can always get a friend to upload them onto a pc or laptop with some free software photo editing online.

Q3. I've heard you can upload your photos on Facebook of stillborn babies is this true?

A3. Some parents join stillborn babies groups on Facebook and share their stories and most loving pics of their babies born asleep. You will however find if you put them on your timeline people may find them offence so you may need to make your photos private for immediate friends only.


Q4. would you just take photos of our stillborn baby immediately after birth or after a bath when he will be nice and clean ?

A4. both take as many photos as you can to treasure those first and last moments spent together as a family.

Q5. should we just take one image on our phone of our twin stillborn babies when they arrive ?

A5.no, take lots of images of precious features too such as toes, holding hands, faces, close ups, mum holding the twin babies dad holding the babies other family members. You could mount the best and hang them on your living room wall forever.

Q6. do you know of any professional photographers that will take sensitive photographs and images of stillborn babies?

A6. yes here are some websites online to look through. Some of these photographers specialize just in going to hospitals and family homes to offer a more private setting to take images of stillborn babies.

photographer stillborn infants

here is a list we will continue to add to of uk photographers that do baby bereavement photographs

I provide all aspects of professional funeral photography from stillborn onwards with care, sensitivity and respect, since 2003. I cover Greater London and Essex - Please visit my website for further details http://www.philrussellphotos.co.uk/Funerals.html