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baby burial gowns clothes babies funeral stillborn Something Precious help services for babies that have sadly died early on in pregnancy born stillborn or has died as a result of a premature baby loss.

at Something Precious online you can find and purchase the very smallest baby clothes in the world easily, to dress a baby with dignity and respect for a final sleep.a baby burial, cremation of funeral service for babies, we understand you will want to dress baby in sheer comfort warmth and a blanket of love.

something precious services burial clothes miscarriage

baby died early on in pregnancy or born stillborn

  • when a baby has sadly passed away in the womb you don't expect to have to search and hunt for baby burial clothes small than premature baby sizes. Something precious stock the smallest baby clothes ever but in tinier sizes to what's available in the uk.
  • Something Precious baby burial clothes are made in the uk and most are hand made in the UK not mass produced by poor countries overseas.
  • order online here to  find cute baby burial clothes as well as traditional baby burial gowns in pure whites . because at the end of the day, just because your baby is smaller than a fullterm newborn in size its doesn't mean that your baby should be dressed any different. you will struggle to find even dolls clothes anywhere in the uk that will be proper fitting for babies this small.
  • telephone us for a made to measure outfit instead ,simply choose a style of the website and we shall do our upmost to descale it smaller or larger for you, we always stock whites blues pinks and the very latest cutest baby fabrics. sizes we offer in burial clothes are from 16 weeks gestation in pregnancy up to premature newborn 5-8lb in weight. for handmade outfits.

baby burial gowns clothes infanr funeral stillborn

premature baby loss stillborn babies funeral

  • we also stock premature baby clothes on a wider scale on our main website for premature baby clothes cheekychumsonline.we can hand make them and send them to you direct , the hospital or funeral director usually within a day of making them. Excluding weekends (unless you wish to collect in person).
  • hospital wholesale orders are welcome as well as charities making memory boxes for the maternity bereavement suites. we can  handmake regular orders for you but not on a faster paste due to families needing them inbetween quickly for their babies funeral service.
  • we already provide hospitals and charities who have a constant smaller scale supply from us throughout the year. we can send you a sample before deciding how many you would like us to make for you.
  • a family assisted business dedicated to making your baby's burial clothes as cute and as lovely as can be.
  • what about babies too small for dressing in full clothes ? we supply very comfortable fetal demise pouches for early miscarriage baby will fit snuggly and cosily inside. Before going into a casket of coffin that you have choosen.

baby burial pouches

  • worried about what size to buy as some preemie clothes are way to big? no problem we make clothes for babies less than 1lb in weight, making it easier for you to order we offer burial clothes and gowns for babies 16 weeks gestational age and upwards. so if baby was born at 21 weeks order a size 21 weeks and so on.
  • need help planning a baby funeral ? on our websites home page scroll down to the bottom and see baby funeral ideas, appropriate infant prayers,babies funeral songs and know hows to put together a special day tailored to your baby's and family's needs.