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what to do funeral or cremation services for tiny babies

what to do organizing your baby's private funeral burial or cremation services for tiny babies under 24 weeks into pregnancy.


Babies born asleep or passing away shortly after delivery before reaching the 24 week gestational age in pregnancy are not legally bound to have to have a funeral service in the United Kingdom. You can have a funeral service conducted by an undertaker of funeral director but you can  arrange a private more personal funeral burial or cremation service your self or by a close family member. You can also have a funeral service conducted by an undertaker of funeral director.

here you will find all the information you need to arrange a less intrusive funeral service for your baby.

There are 4 STEPS to think about when sorting out a private funeral service for babies under 24 weeks.

1. costs involved

2.what to do before the day of the service

3. what happens on the day

4 what needs to be done after the funeral service.



  • you have the right to decide what happens to your baby that has passed away. It is up to you what happens to your baby either  hospital arrangements, you arranging a private Funeral or a cremation service Or by using a funeral director to sort out a public funeral/cremation service.


A. hospital takes baby from you for communal service cremation ashes are mixed with others and scattered.memorial service for all the families held depending on hospitals policies such as once a month you don't usually get any ashes back when the hospital takes over this service for you.some hospitals offer a burial service too where babies are buried together instead of a cremation in this case your own baby's memorial stone will not be possible to add at the site due to the lack of space.


You can have an individual cremation service which a Crematorium cost is £111.00 at one particular crematoria, you can have baby's remains buried in the Garden of Remembrance or in a family grave.If you prefer a cremation You can also provide a baby urn for baby's ashes which they will give back to you usually the next day. Then you can decide in your own time where baby's final resting place will be to scatter the ashes.


3.If you prefer a burial you can bury in an existing family grave if you have the deeds. Cost can vary, to open up the grave a couple of years ago it was £80.00 or you can purchase a new one which at the moment the fee can be £967.00 then you will own the grave deeds. some plots hold 2 adult sized coffins or 4 large coffins.

Buying a new family plot Speak to your local council who will tell you the contact numbers of your chosen graveyard/ cemetary Depending on the churchyard or area if there is lots of spaces You can sometimes choose the plot ie near a tree or near a huge stone to find it easier later one.


natural burial grounds click on the link to see your local area provider.

for cremation and cemeteries in your local area click here


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