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Funeral flowers for a baby burial cremation service.


Funeral Flowers in the UK. Ordering funeral flowers for a stillborn baby. Making the funeral plans for a baby burial or cremation service. Should you use artificial or fresh flowers for a baby service. Plus how to make your own wreath for the coffin . To summarise we look at all from using fresh or artificial, symbolic meaning for using each flower. Plus the wording to use on the card.

Funeral planning Sprays or Donations instead

A sudden death of a baby and everything may seem a little rushed as you plan the baby's funeral service. Some families want funeral flowers to put on the baby's coffin as it goes to the church. However other families decide in their funeral plans to send a monitory gift. In addition to go to a special care baby unit or a baby loss charity instead.

You may want fresh funeral flowers for baby's grave. Its a tradition of sending flowers to pay tribute to the person that died. After the church service if baby is being buried the flowers will then be place on top of the soil. The funeral director will place all the funeral flower gifts at the graveside. 

The immediate family  may decide to have some home too  There are lots to choose from such as a flower arrangements or a wreath that covers the size of the coffin top such as these styles. Refer to the images just below.



flowersfuneral for baby flowers spray

or bunny teddy or heart shaped funeral flowers like these

rabbit flowers  heart sprays  sprays for coffins

this website creates baby funeral flowers at http://www.fourseasonsflorist.org

The meanings of each flowers

When people send flowers usually there's a hidden meaning behind it. Sending roses for instance is a message of love and the aroma of beautiful perfume. White roses is a symbol of sympathy. So you may want to include this in a funeral wreath. Next Lilly of the valley are white flowers symbolising the aroma of Christ Jesus. And are white a symbol of purity and innocence. Sending lilies is a symbol of sorrow but for a funeral it is also a meaning of life and celebration.

Sending Chrysanthemums for instance around the world has another meaning. So avoid these flowers for a baby funeral. Carnations especially pink mean a mothers love. Daffodils mean new life and hope. A Daisy means beauty and innocence. forget me knot are associated with memories and true love. For instance the Hibiscus flower means unity and peace brilliant choice for a funeral.

choosing Artificial or Fresh flowers

what's the difference between artificial and fresh flowers for a funeral ? fresh flowers that stay at the graveside in the first instance are left on top of the grave. Usually because the soil has to settle down. A couple  of weeks later you can then take off all the dried up flowers there will be bins close by. In a few weeks you can then put some cemetery pots on. These will hold the flowers in place and you put water in . by the way You need to keep coming back regular to tidy up the grave. Flowers will rot and the water will smell stagnant. Always bring with you a black bin liner, Some shears, Scissors, Bottle water, Fresh flowers, Hand sanitiser.

Artificial flowers is a whole lot easier if you find you are really busy and cannot get to the graveside a lot. Less mess, no smelly water to change. Next You need to bring with you pliers to cut plastic flowers as scissors wont cut through. You simply cut them to the size to fit in the cemetery pots. No need to add water.
A black bin liner to put rubbish as you tidy the grave, Shears to trim down the grass, a duster to wipe over the headstone. Over time artificial flowers do fade. It gives you a real sense of achievement when a grave is freshly done with the new artificial ones in place.

How to make your own funeral spray

making your own funeral spray for the coffin. Such as a spray you'll need oasis. Oasis comes in two forms dry or wet. use wet the green one for fresh flowers. It needs to be soaked in water prior to adding flowers. In this case being creative as its advantages. think symmetrical and look online for images you want to try to make.Start by adding fresh flowers one at either end pointing away from  each other. In the first place you push the flowers in the wet oasis. You need loads flowers foliage green and white gypsophila also known as baby's breath. make sure you cant see any green oasis . Finally fill in any gaps with foliage or tiny flowers.

Doing a wreath in artificial flowers. To begin with you need the dry oasis this time do not wet it. Add the flowers in the same way so you cant see any oasis. next match each flower don't use mix and match them. However have a system so its exactly the same left right top and bottom. In addition use a tri of flowers for the middle. As the centre feature.

Wording for the flowers card

Thinking about the wording to go on the funeral flowers card. Do you want it to reflect a Saying goodbye, A poem Thinking of you, or how you feel. Besides the family reading the note on the card, the gathers often read them too. The card you get in general is only the size of a business card. Saying a handful of words can carry more weight than writing lots covering both sides. feel free to mix and match from any of the ideas just below. These are specially written for a baby loss when there isn't years of memories to cling onto. Good night Sleep tight precious baby.  

Goon too soon but never forgotten.   We cannot feel your pain or sorrow but out hearts are with you all at this sad time.    Memories of only love dear baby.     God has you in his arms, he knows you needed rest .    Fly high little baby in heavens rest.  Flutterbye kisses from me to you goodnight baby you'll be sadly missed.