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Funeral,resource page for baby funeral, a one stop page for all need to know about organising a funeral for your baby loss.


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If your baby was born stillborn or died shortly after birth and is above 24 weeks gestation then you can opt for a funeral.Usually after the baby has come back from an autopsy if there has been a need to have one then you can start to plan a funeral.You can opt for your baby loss to be buried or have a  cremaion.You can visit the grave to place flowers, talk to baby offering you comfort. You may want to cremated and scatter the ashes in your garden.The down side is if you have to move house,you cant then take the scattered ashes with you. Its something to thing about before making any decisions, you can bury your baby in your own time.Do not let family talk you into getting it over with too quickly.If baby is too small to be embalmed then a closed coffin is better once you have seen your baby.

Here is a site with every funeral directors listed available in the UK



If you choose to have a hard coffin or casket for the funeral,This site offers a free white casket. You may have to pay for the funeral though visit


Premature babies can even have a casket for the funeral.Some sites cater especially for a premature baby funeral offering their services free.This site has premature baby sized coffins for cremations at funerals.


A funeral site that caters especially for babies and cbhildren up to age 16. A family member may like to offer to give them a ring for you.Make sure you have an imput into the funeral arrangements before any decisions are made.One person usually takes charge or organising everything any letters of condolance then go go to the funeral directors and then they will inform the person sorting out the funeral of messages and donations of flowers or charity money etc to allow you time to grieve without the added pressure.The person organising the funeral usually gets the final bill if there is one.



Funeral flowers order online lots in stock



These funeral flowers are especially themed for babies


Gorgeous feather themed alternative to funeral flowers really unique site try it at http://www.whisperdesigns.co.uk/


Now for the head stones and urns for the funeral

www.rainbowmemorials.co.uk can provide an headstone /memorial/plaque in any burial ground located in the UK. lovely carved headstones any picture/cartoon, pet, toy, logo etc  can be added too.

 Little Angels specialises in headstones and memorials for children


hearts and teddy themed urns for crematorium ashes


This website offers cute child themed headstones including mickey mouse and winnie the pooh so sweet.




Here is a page that you can find crematorias and cemetries throughout the uk to lay your little one to rest at after the funeral service.



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