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funeral songs baby

funeral songs baby


A prepared list of appropriate baby funeral songs and hymns


funeral songs When preparing for a sensitive baby funeral which hymns to sing is often a hard decision for parents. choosing an adult one is much easier when the person that passed away often has a firm favourite.

picking a hymn or songs for a stillborn baby funeral or when a baby sadly passed away shortly after delivery can be much harder to pick from.

Use it for a celebration of life picking songs that children love and are popular favourites. You can pick from any of these songs but there are also appropriate hymns that are also suitable too Depending on an organist or pianist but often a church may let you play a cd instead check when the funeral director asks for your requirements. 

(P.S as a nursery nurse and sunday school teacher I wanted to let you know which children's songs they love to hear over and over again based on my experience and a love of working with children)


  • He's got the whole world in his hands.

  • If I were a butterfly,Id thank you lord for Giving me wings...

  • Jesus bids us shine.

  • red and yellow and pink and green (rainbow song)

  • Welcome to the family (type in on Google for a Salty cd use you tube to listen to any song before hand)

  • This little light of mine.

  • Somewhere over the rainbow.

  • Twinkle twinkle little star.

  • Mum Sarah had these at her little ones funeral feel free to leave a comment on the contact us page above so we can add your sweet favourites too....Some lovely ideas.
    We had 3 songs played at our daughters funeral. “Hushabye mountain” from Chitty chitty bang bang, we found a lovely version sung by a lady called Stacey Kent, “Baby mine” from Dumbo sung by Bette Midler, and “lullaby (Goodnight my angel)” sung by Billy Joel.
    Lullabye particularly has beautiful lyrics, and we had it played at the end as we said “goodnight” to our beautiful sleeping angel.

  • Precious Child by Karen Taylor Good

  • Fly by Celine Dione

  • While you are Sleeping by Leodarndo's Bride

  • There You'll Be by Faith Hill.

  • Arms of the Angels - Sarah McLaughlin 

  • A Mothers Prayer by Celine Dion

  • close to you by the Carpenters

  • I will carry you by Selah  10/10*        

  • twila paris bedtime prayer

  • small bump” by Ed Sheeran
  • Beautiful Boy


Hymns for a baby or children's funeral


  • Seek ye first the Kindom of God.

  • Kum ba yah

  • lord the light of your love

  • All things bright and beautiful

  • Ive got the love of jesus down in my heart (JOY ,JOY JOY)

  • Give me oil in my lamp (sing hosanna)

  • Jesus wants me for a sunbeam 

    funeral songs more suitable for babies and children that have passed away.

    we now stock these songs on cds click here for baby funeral song cds

Where else can you find funeral songs 

you can also find funeral songs on some websites such as youtube. many families upload a song with photos of their baby on . like a memorial page with funeral songs music on for babies. some families also added adult songs because of the soothing tunes and by the artist. In fact some artists who lost their own babies wrote tunes dedicated to their little one.

Try iTunes apple for appropriate funeral songs too. there's a free version you can try. Use your favourite at the funeral service. incidentally you can always cancel afterwards before the trial ends. so there's no charge.

funeral songs for baby creating your own

If you are musically talented you could create your own funerla songs. One of the dads from Selah a christian music group .lost his baby daughter at birth. He wrote a beautiful song which families all over the world tend to use this one called "i will carry you" now at their own babies' funeral service. So you never know by making your own what impact it could have if it goes viral.it could help other grieving families. 

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