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funeral for late miscarriage baby loss organising a stillbirth funeral.

You mayhave just had a late miscarriage.Your baby could have just passed away either in the womb or shortly after birth. The worst thing you will have to face if your baby was born above 24 weeks gestation is organising a funeral. you may want a close member of the family because you can't think straight or your partner if you have one, but making lasting memories which are good ones will help you in the long term to help you come to terms with your babyloss and to cope with your grief.

If someone does it for you don't let them take over completely without you having your say. A Funeral is  stressful organising, family arguments occur sometimes making coping very difficult. something you just don't need now so you have to be brave, strong in fundamental arrangements such as choosing a burial funeral or a cremation. choosing clothing for a baby's final sleep, would you want flowers, hymns, songs and or even such likes of a head stone. So first things first after the post mortem if there has to be one done you need to register the death before any funeral director can have the permission to start on the arrangements .you can ring the hospitals chaplin, funeral director or your local church pastor/minister to make all the neccessary arrangements for you.

After your baby has passed away you need to register the death within 5 days.

Still Born Babies

If a baby is still born (born dead after the 24th week of pregnancy) you will be given a medical certificate of stillborn signed by the midwife or doctor.You need to give to the registrar. If no doctor or midwife was present and no doctor or midwife has examined the body, you must sign form 35 which the registrar will give you. 

The registrar will give you a certificate for burial or cremation and a certificate of stillbirth. 

You can ask to have first name entered for a stillbirth baby. The registrar will write the baby’s name on these certificates if the name is recorded in the register. It is also possible to get certified copies of the entry of stillbirth. 

The information of a stillbirth may be given to any registrar in UK. the procedure is similar to that for deaths.

Your final goodbye to your baby will be a sad and difficult time for you. Your baby's service can also be a beautiful way to honour your baby. Their short little lost life has affected you in so many ways. This can be a time to share the time you have spent with your baby with special people around you. It is important to draw on the support networks around you if possible.

For babies under 24 weeks gestation.

A Funeral

Although, by law, you must have your baby buried or cremated, you are under no obligation to hold a funeral service. This means that you can say goodbye in almost any way you choose.

Many parents find that the funeral marks the time when they say goodbye to their baby – the moment when they truly understand that their baby has died. It can be a very distressing and painful experience, but it can also be a time to acknowledge your baby’s importance and to share and express your grief and your love with others. Many parents talk of the funeral as a valued memory and something they are glad they went through.

A funeral can be religious or non-religious, traditional or a ceremony of your own design. Think about how you would like to say goodbye to your baby. Do not let outside pressures force you into doing something that does not feel right for you and your baby.

If you choose to arrange the burial or cremation, and the funeral yourself, we hope you will be able to find a way of saying goodbye which will be of some comfort, and will be a sustaining memory in the weeks, months and years ahead.

Baby Burial clothes for the tinest of babies

Complete Baby bereavement clothing sets and gowns in the most micro of premature baby and tiny baby sizes..  

baby is able to be dressed with dignity, baby is made to feel comfortable, baby can look more at peace and that he or she is fully dressed in clothes that fit. ready for family cuddles and a then settled for the final sleep. The majority of these baby clothes are made in any size you need to fit baby that has just passed away. Created with simple openings and fastenings for ease of dressing.

  • Assessories and keepsake items are also available for the baby's little coffin for baby to be buried with or cremated with or left with the family as a treasured keepsake item.
  • You can find the tiniest of essentials here such as micro nappies, vests and socks to complete each set which you would otherwise find it most difficult to source from the highstreet and online websites.
  • Cheeky chums also offer bespoke orders in the event you prefer an order made to fit or choose fabric in your favourite colour to dress your little one in looking his or her very best.
  • Cheeky Chums offer a complete premature baby store in the event that you also may want to choose something different to dress baby in with more smaller sizes too.

  • Suggestions  for a baby funeral
  • Here are some lovely examples you can pick and choose from to make the experience special for your babys passing.

    • Write a letter to your baby and include it in their casket
    • Give your baby a gift, teddy, rattle, special little something from home.
    • If you have living children, maybe they would like to draw a picture to be placed at the funeral or in your baby's casket
    • Give friends and family the option to do this too.
    • Have a viewing for yourself or for family and friends also
    • See your baby on the funeral day and say your last goodbye if you feel you want to
    • Have a photograph of your baby displayed in their casket
    • Have a guestbook made available at the funeral /service so you may have their thoughts as a loving keepsake
    • Ask for a photograph to be taken of yourself with your baby
    • Write something special about or to your baby and have it read aloud at the service
    • Ask for a photograph to be taken of your baby's casket and or the funeral service
    • When making the funeral arrangements if it is to be a cremation, ask how your baby's ashes will be returned to you.
    • Some parents have been very upset by what their baby ashes are returned in.
    • Always confirm the cost of your babies funeral and the arrangements in which payments need to be made.
    • Some funeral directors are free for tiny baby losses check with them first. 
    • Ask for some or all of the flowers from the service to be kept, they can be freeze dried or made into potpourri.
    • Some people ask for teddy bears or monetary donations in their baby's honour at their funeral /service

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