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What is a fetal demise

what is a fetal demise?

FETAL DEMISE - A term used to describe fetal death in utero; the loss of a fetus at any stage is a fetal demise.Intrauterine Fetal Death Demise (IUFD) is the death of a fetus that occurs for no apparent reason in a normal, uncomplicated pregnancy. It happens in about 1% of pregnancies and is usually (depending on the resource) considered a fetal death when it occurs after the 20th week of pregnancy and/or weight equal to or more than 500 grams. Generally speaking, a miscarriage is a fetal death which occurs prior to 20 weeks of gestation.

The mother's health is usually not jeopardized with intrauterine fetal demise.

Signs and symptoms of pregnancy will subside with a fetal demise.

No symptoms may occur in the early stages of pregnancy. The diagnosis is based on the absence of fetal heart tones, the lack of uterine growth or ultrasound studies during prenatal examinations.

In later stages of pregnancy, a woman may be aware of changes in the fetal movement (kicks) or that the movement has stopped.
Parental feelings of loss, guilt, loneliness, anxiety and hostility should be acknowledged and faced. Family and friends can help with sympathetic listening and close physical comforting. If severe grief lasts longer than several months, professional counseling is recommended. Both the parents are urged to join a grief support group (available in most communities). evaluation of fetal death.

Fetal demise pouch what is it ?

A fetal demise pouch is an appropriate small covering similar to a little pouch pocket .baby can be safely tucked inside all snuggled up. when dressing baby in clothes becomes too difficult due to baby being to small and delicate for dressing a fetal demise pouch can be used instead. (click on the link for fetal demise pouches for sale)

Helping a family come to terms with a loss...

How you can help the Family at this time of grief

Extended family can include grandparents and best friends of the grieving parents.
Parents will be grieving and will feel numb and overwhelmed at the loss of a baby.
During the grieving process offer to help an hand with collecting other children from school, doing shopping, running errands answering phone calls.
Give plenty of cuddles but be patient if arguments happen, as the stress of it all can be unbearable to parents coping with the loss of an infant in particular.
One person needs to take care of the funeral but if the parents are not up to it a family member who is strong enough should take over this role.
Involve the parents every step of the way making sure their requirements are noted down and given to the relevant person. For example no flowers to be sent to the family  or please send and money donations to the local hospital, special care baby unit.
When one person takes charge support them so the pressure is taken off the parents and make sure too many people do not have their say that causes even more arguments.
Let the parents have as much peace and quiet when they are home from the hospital as they can get. Take control over answering the door arranging flowers in vases etc but make sure cards are only opened by the parents when they feel up to it.
Do not be tempted to clear the baby’s room unless its at the parents consent . Its all part of the grieving process for parents, coming to terms with the fact that the baby is gone and will not be coming home and finally saying their goodbyes.
Finally take it easy on your self too if its you that carries a lot of the strain, try to relax and talk about your feelings with another adult family member. You need to be there for the family too ,so make sure you eat well, drink plenty and take plenty of rest.

 1 When can I try for another baby after a fetal demise?

A 1 When you feel emotionally able to cope and after a normal period returns.Ask your self these questions and if you are unsure then wait a little longer.You do not want to put any added presuure onto your partner they could also suffer from grief associated with a baby loss too.

  • Why do you want another one is it because you want the baby you lost? or feel the time is right.
  • How would you feel if you didn’t get pregnant straight away?

The important thing to concider is when a pregnancy does occur do not dwell on the fact of what could go wrong again think possitive and take each day as it comes a real blessing.

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