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Baby and Child Burial Funeral Urns

where to buy Baby and Child funeral Urns in the UK

Child / Infant Cremation Urns specializing in the supply of crematory and memorial products.burial or cremation is a personal choice but the benefit of a lower cost option which is ALSO kinder to the environment is a very attractive option. http://www.urnsuk.com

what to do with baby childs ashes after funeral service ?

You may choose to bury your urn or casket in an ashes plot or family grave, alternatively they can be interred in a columbarium or crypt.You may wish to scatter your loved ones ashes in a memorable location, we have a range of products available which are suitable and provide a dignified way of scattering at http://www.urns-coffins-caskets.co.uk/Burial of the ashes.

The law on scattering ashes in the UK is fairly relaxed. You can even scatter or bury ashes in your garden if you wish. There is nothing explicit in the legislation to restrict people in disposing of cremated ashes.

While the regulations may be on your side, the difficulty may come in gaining permission to scatter or bury ashes on someone else’s land. You should definitely have the landowner’s permission. And certain places are definitely off-limits.
Local authorities Cemeteries/On a family grave – You may wish to scatter or bury someone’s cremated funeral ashes on the family’s grave. Not all cemeteries allow scattering and, if you intend to bury them, then you will need to make sure that you are the ones with the rights to do this.http://www.scattering-ashes.co.uk

more sites to buy cremation ashes urns for baby burial plot

 Memorial Urns for Premature Infants to 2 Year Olds
The loss of a premature infant or a young baby is a devastating situation, and no urn can undo the pain you and your spouse are feeling. We offer a variety of urns that may give comfort to you or may just be a place to lay your child that seems right, or special.


This site has Baby cremation urns that stand out for their modern and very fetching design.

The Baby cremation urn collection offers urns manufactured from high quality material such as ceramics, bronze, stainless steel and pewter. the dedication into the design and decoration of these baby cremation urns, which are all hand made and have flawless finishes. http://www.legendurn.co.uk/

Economical priced Baby and Children's Teddy Bear Scatter Tubes.Plus grave markers, headstones, memorials and all cremation containers. Most products can be posted through royal mails signed for delivery service, prices available on request


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