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baby coffin

baby coffin

baby coffin smallest in England tiny baby coffin uk

baby coffin preterm babies sizes smallest in England tiny baby coffin uk stock, ordering a fetus coffin for infant miscarriage. A Dignified funeral honouring your baby's memory paying respect to their final resting place. A baby coffin at Heaven and Hope sizes are 0-10 week pregancy,12-14 weeks pregnant,16-22 weeks pregnancy ,24-30 weeks pregnancy,30-40 weeks pregnancy.

Heaven and Hope are sensitive staff experienced in delivering baby bereavement services since 2008.A specialist funeral supplier for tiny baby sizes. Offering the most micro sized clothes cards coffins and caskets. paying respect to a fetus / or little babies no matter how brief their life was on this earth. The friendly and caring staff want parents to be at peace on their child's final resting day. Sending their baby on their final journey with a pure blanket of love.

baby coffins
How much do baby coffins cost ?

A child coffin or baby coffin in the uk most often come in newborn sizes. The cost for a baby coffin in the uk can cost around £180-200. At Heaven and Hope We want parents to be able to afford a baby coffin. All the coffins here cost under £100.00. The baby coffin package is a popular choice for families at Heaven and Hope. Especially beautiful ,its a send off with all you need for a forever bed goodbye.

Most of these babies coffins packages are aimed at babies too small for dressing in an outfit. yet they are wrapped in a snuggle bed of love tucked in with a forever friend. The smallest teddy bear accompanies them on their journey to the stars. Imagine a cuddly toy smaller than the size of your little finger. So they never need to feel alone.

baby coffin uk

what is a baby coffins often made of

At Heaven and Hope the coffins for babies here are environmentally friendly and kind to the planet's eco system. In Spring 2022 More coffins will be added to the range . These will be for a more natural funeral  service. More tiny embro/ fetus stage size coffins for 0-12 weeks miscarriage.

Due to Brexit status the costs are going up so its not fair that these type products cost a fortune for families. Heaven and Hope will use the UK to source baby coffins made from natural products. These will be made from RUSH LEAVES, BAMBOO,WILLOW,WICKER,PALM,SEAGRASS,JUTE,CARDBOARD and WOOD.

what do you put in a baby coffin?

when a tiny baby has sadly passed away after 24 weeks of being pregnant. you are required by law to have a funeral or cremation service. this is when you get a stillborn or a death certificate. earlier than this date then it's up to you what happens to your child to plan for a more private funeral.

your baby can be kept at home. If its in the coffin the lid will need to be put on soon as the nature of death effects the condition of your baby. make sure you add everything for inside the coffin before the lid is put on for the final time.

What to put in the baby coffin? You can add anything that reminds you of love. Add loving family photos so little one is surround by family. A tiny teddy bear. a love heart necklace or add a bracelet onto your infant's wrist. spare scan pictures, a fresh rose. a small story book, a cd with nursery rhymes on.