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#funeral dresses w all size funeral dresses babies white shroud style sizes 1-2lb 2-3lb 3-5lb 5-8lb

funeral dresses babies white shroud style sizes 1-2lb 2-3lb 3-5lb 5-8lb
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funeral dresses babies girls shroud style size choices 1-2lb 2-3lb 3-5lb 5-8lb

funeral dresses for little babies. giving your baby girl dignity and modesty. A girls baby burial gown Long with lace trim
we stock this new line in burial gowns our cheapest dress for a babies funeral. Your baby girl with feel covered wearing this simple yet elegant style funeral dress white in colour a symbol of purity an innocent. ties at the back with a ribbon open back feature. hand made in uk .

why this particular funeral dress is open at the back?

When a baby has passed away in the womb it is not always known how long ago it happened. Skin colour and skin changes happen once a bereavement has occurred to a body. For the minimum disturbance to baby its not always practical then to dress them in a fully buttoned baby grow. This style dress offers a sensitive easy way to dress a child under such circumstances.

sensitive information when a baby needs a post mortem.
this is more a shroud style opening dress when baby needs an autopsy first
we wanted to offer something that can give your baby modest approach to a medical examination. known as an autopsy or post mortem too. Nothing expensive that can get spoiled or lost in transit from one place of the hospital to another. This has a happened to families on the odd occasion although rare.


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