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#wonder bunny baby memory box funeral gift soft toy bunny WONDER blue

baby memory box funeral gift soft toy bunny WONDER blue
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baby memory box funeral gift soft toy bunny WONDER blue

baby memory box funeral gift to treasure always. Softest bunny toy can be kept close with your baby boy so he is never needs be alone. Especially for the funeral ceremony. Its to keep him company on his journey to heaven. A soft to the touch smaller fluffy rabbit measuring only 14cm. really snuggly soft furry toy. nice and cuddly sitting next your baby son. So he wont feel lonely in his forever bed . snuggle very close to his own cuddly toy.

Sleeping soundly forever in peace. A popular bereavement bunny .Some families often purchase another one to keep in baby's memory box. Treasuring fond memories of him in long-term. more colours available see other listing for details what's in stock. Press the buy it now button further down the page to pick this blue toy

what else can go in a memory box

boys memory box especially after a baby bereavement are often stocked with everything to remind you of your son. Here are ideas you can put in for safe keeping. Photographs together of you as a family. A Poem centred around love, footprints or the heavens above. you may want to add a letter you have written to him. or enclose Any scan pics. His cord clamp.

Adding A favourite first baby grow you bought for him that was only for him to use. a pair little blue socks. a spare funeral blanket. Any sympathy cards that you recieved. A Flower from a funeral wreath tea-light candles that can be lit every year on the angel-versary. Plus also brought out on baby-loss awareness day. A fond memorial tribute that's Held every year worldwide in month of October. A memory box may be hard to go through after the funeral. but can be looked at on a later date when you feel less sad

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