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#peach pouch 18 baby burial pouch girls fetal demise at 18 weeks Peach set

baby burial pouch girls fetal demise at 18 weeks Peach set
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baby burial pouch fetal demise at 18 week angel pocket mini peach 

baby burial pouch new colour peach .your baby baby girl can feel warm settled for a final sleep in this snug micro sized fetal demise pouch. A beautiful handmade angel pocket for your little girl laying in comfort for the burial service. instead of feeling bare in the casket alone. comes complete as a 3 piece set with matching knotted hat and tiny Bunny. we also sell pouches in white or blue or pink too. comes complete with A cream fluffy bunny and will keep baby company lovingly forever.

Some parents like to order two to keep an extra one in baby's memory box for a treasured memorial. click the order button just below to pick this size born 18 weeks.

sensitive topic discussed concerning a fetal demise if upsetting please press your back button now.

what is a fetal demise ? its a baby that passed away shortly after the foetus stage of development in the womb. Babies born up to 22 weeks as yet can not live outside once they are born . Sadly babies born at 18 weeks are too tender to dress in a baby grow / sleepsuit clothing. fetal demise pouches are a comforting alternative to wearing clothes. its made to fold close as secure as possible once baby sits snuggly inside. once settled baby then isn't disturbed nestled within.

Therefore the family can have tender moments and cuddles before the funeral service. taking baby home for a private funeral? for health and safety a baby must be kept cool to prevent decomposition ,its the natural process of death. you can use ice cubes under baby's body. change regular until the funeral day or seal baby in its casket once you have said a final goodbye.

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