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#pink gsleept 18-22 funeral dresses baby burial Pink ted GOODNIGHT SLEEPTIGHT Born at 18-22 weeks

funeral dresses baby burial Pink ted GOODNIGHT SLEEPTIGHT Born at 18-22 weeks
funeral dresses tiny baby sizes available here at Heaven and Hope. Goodnight sleeptight is a long white dress scrunched up at the toes with a matching beanie hat. teddy motif on the front in pink. opens at the back for easy dressing. ties with a ribbon bow at the neck. made from soft stretchy cotton fabric. crisp white cotton fabric motif is made from satin ribbon polyester. dressing your baby in an outfit picked out by you ,settled in peace for the funeral service. Handmade in the uk by Something precious TM. Due to being handmade please allow one extra day for despatch. click the buy it now button on this page to pick this beautiful set for your baby girl.

Decorating a baby girls graveside what to put on the grave.

if your baby girl will be buried in a family plot here are some ideas what to put at the graveside. If its a church yard please check what permission and rules there are before putting anything on her grave. Some are strict and do not allow certain headstones fences or ornaments. one family had to remove a teddy bear shaped headstone. So each place rules vary. For a healthy place to grieve we recommend not creating a grave as a shrine to your baby girl. keep it minimalistic so nothing of great value gets stolen also. It will also be easy to take care off and you can always replace a poem card or a broken funeral flower urn to keep it looking fresh.

Add A poem laminated , fresh flowers need changing regular but artificial last longer. try visit the grave at least 4 times a year spring summer autumn winter and it will then give you a theme to work with . spring time could have yellow flowers with a wooden windmill on a stick. summer could have a bucket and spade theme with sea shells you found on the beach for a more personal touch. autumn could have a squirrel soft toy and autumn coloured flowers and winter could have a battery operated snowman that plays music. adding artificial holly and mistletoe looks lovely added to an urn vase.

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