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#feathers ashes urn our hearts ashes babies urns mini cremation urn miscarriage 12-16 weeks FEATHERS

ashes urns mini cremation urn miscarriage 12-16 weeks FEATHERS

ashes urns tiny sizes sold here at Heaven and Hope. cremation urn in silver stainless steel. no need to worry it will be way to big because at Heaven and Hope we only stock preterm babies size ashes urns. measuring 2.5cm in height as you can see in the image its fits snuggly in the palm of your hand. Then you can carry it anywhere until you decide on a final resting position for baby's internments ashes. you can have your own funeral service at home at this stage of pregnancy. Especially if you don't want prying eyes from neighbours watching as a funeral hearse pulls up. To give you an idea on how big of a cremation urn you'll need, at a crematorium for a baby born at 24 weeks size you'd get about a teaspoon of ashes.

This is amazing how the wording has been lovingly created on the side of the urn to read " your wings were ready but our hearts were not." (we also stock versions with my heart was not )with butterflies and floaty feather image on too. In fact people grieving after loss sometimes say ive noticed a white feather often floats by near a park .Its a comforting gesture that an angel is watching over us close by. lid screws into place to keep contents secure.
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Helping you come to terms with the baby you have just lost

make a memory box and give baby a name . inside you can add a tiny teddy a baby book, a scan picture,a family photograph. you could write a letter telling baby your feelings of the day and what you would do with them if they were still here. On their anniversary get a helium-filled balloon write a message on tie it to the balloon and let it go up to heaven above. sending floaty kisses on babys birthday once a year. Understanding they have gone but never forgotten.

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