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#heart rattles 7 baby memory box pack two tiny rattles 7cm funeral keepsake blue hearts

baby memory box pack two tiny rattles 7cm funeral keepsake blue

baby memory box bereavement gift.pack two tiny rattles 7cm.a  funeral keepsake blue hearts at the bottom 2 tiny rattle toys a baby memory box gift. a bereavement gift for baby miscarriage to keep close by his side.Popular toy that babies just love. At parent's request we now have these available for babies to hold in the hand. Plus to keep an extra one on his memory box at home. 

stocking the smallest bereavement toys for babies forever sleeping. keeping them company forever. showered by loving gifts just from you .settled in peace for babies funeral service. surrounded and pampered with toys that are not too over powering in size. snuggled close to your baby boy in the funeral casket.

See also the smallest teddy bears and bunnies a huge range to pick from under the baby memory box teddies section.
due to small parts these blue rattles are only suitable for babies forever sleeping.
click the order button just below to order 2 in a pack for your baby son.

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