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#velour p blue24 premature baby loss at 24 weeks baby burial pouch in blue velour

premature baby loss at 24 weeks baby burial pouch

premature baby loss at 24 weeks . settle your baby son most tenderly in this scrumptious baby burial pouch. for instance the Colour is blue.so then it will fit your baby boy born sleeping at 24 weeks gestation size. He can be settled laid down at rest when he owns this delightful burial pouch. for instance its made from velour like a baby blanket fabric. You wont worry he will feel cold when he's sleeping in this pouch. Warm to the touch Its deliciously soft

.made by Something Precious.tm design copyright. available in pink or blue from 18 weeks to 24 weeks. see other listings for a different size. click the order button just below to order this size
 little teddies to keep her company from 3cm sold separately

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