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#16 bl pouch miscarriage fetal demise pouch BLUE complete baby born at 16 -17 week burial

miscarriage fetal demise pouch BLUE complete set baby born at 16 -17 week baby loss

teddy motif on pouch may vary as stocks are replenished thankyou

your baby boy can feel warm settled for a final sleep in this snug micro sized fetal demise pouch.a beautiful hand made angel pocket for your little one born due to miscarriage dressed for the burial service instead of feeling cold in the casket alone. comes complete a 3 piece set with matching knotted hat and tiny micro sized teddy bear. we also sell this size in white or pink too.Warm knot hat ,comfortable pouch and a blue teddy to keep baby company cuddled forever.Some parent like to order two to keep an extra one in baby's memory box for treasured memories.click the order button just below to order this size for baby born 16 weeks 0r 17 weeks.



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