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#sa0-1 UNISEX Premature Baby Burial Clothes Sound Asleep baby grow and Hat 0-1lb

UNISEX Premature Baby Burial Clothes Sound asleep BabyGrow , Hat 0-1lb

complete premature baby burial clothes The sad loss of a premature baby is devastating enough to parents, so worrying about finding something suitable to lay baby to rest in is so important to the family.White is a symbol of purity and innocence as the baby grow and hat are unisex you can pick any trim color and a hat to match, to add just a splash of your favourite neutral colour.

A perfect present when the sex of baby had not yet been confirmed.

in pregnancy gestational age of baby  in weeks choose from 20-21-22-23-24-25 weeks

color choose from ...

All Crisp White , Mild Mint, Lucious Lemon  or Cute in Cream,

click the order button below once you have picked the gestational age baby will be / or has been born at and the trim colour you prefer



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