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#tedpouch25cm fetal baby loss Premature Baby Burial Pouch teddy 0-1lb 25cm size white

fetal baby loss Premature Baby Burial Pouch teddy DESIGN

white teddy motif on front

by Something Precious™ (fetal demise pouch) for babies under 1lb (0.5kg) for baby up to 8 inches

We kindly offer this service for parents of premature baby losses.Something Precious Premature Baby Burial Pouch TEDDY DESIGN (fetal demise pouch) for babies under 1lb (0.5kg) less than 10 inches 25cm.For the very early of pre term deliveries who are too small or fragile to be dressed, a nurse can settle baby inside the specially adapted baby pouch. Sides fold into the centre and tie in the middle with a little bow,before taking any pictures for mummy or daddy.baby lies in this cotton  comfortable, pouch whilst parents can spend some quailty time with baby, feeling loved and precious before baby's final farewell in peace.(Picture shows a doll which is a little to big to give you a brief idea how baby lies inside).

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