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Baby Gowns Autopsy

baby gown autopsy shroud

Baby Gowns Baby Autopsy shrouds at Heaven and Hope from 18 - 40 weeks pregnancy

Baby Gowns Baby Autopsy shrouds at Heaven and Hope stocked here. New for January 2019 so that the tiniest baby never needs to have no clothes to wear.In particular our new baby gowns and autopsy shrouds.

what is an autopsy ?

An autopsy is a post mortem, an indepth examination to determine the cause of a death. In a baby or fetus sometimes a cause of death isn't always determined. Sometimes a closer inspection of the placenta and cord can establish why a baby died.

These are Baby Gowns and Baby Shrouds that your baby can wear, when they are sent for an autopsy. To be discreetly dressed at the hospital autopsy department. not all babies have an autopsy, but if they do then these gowns provide adequate covering.

Its So you don't worry about their best baby funeral clothes getting dirty or lost. low cost autopsy baby gowns and shrouds for the tiniest baby boy or girl. they start at 18 weeks gestation. As part of our clothing for babies that sadly passed away.

This year we shall be helping Iris-May Butterfly Kisses. we shall be donating some baby bereavement jewellery to help this baby bereavement charity. costs raised from these baby gowns and shrouds will go towards the baby memorial jewellery for the packages they are doing at iris-may Butterfly kisses charity. see https://www.facebook.com/helpingbreavedparents/