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Organization that makes infant burial gowns

Which UK Organization makes infant burial gowns

Something Precious™ is a brand of infant burial gowns hand made in the UK.

Established in 2005 Cheeky Chums organization based in the UK introduced these in 2008.Infant burial gowns in the smallest of sizes were introduced to fit preterm babies born sleeping for pregnancies under 25 weeks.

why do infants need burial gowns?

No parent should have to use a huge towel or rely on knitted handouts just because a baby is too a small for new baby clothes.  A mum wants to dress baby in warm clothes so they a can have a dignified babies funeral wearing proper baby wear.

what sizes do the infant burial gowns come in

Something Precious™ do a range of infant burial gowns and dresses for infants born between 20 -25 weeks into a pregnancy. the range has now changed instead of by birth weight as in infant premature clothes to pregnancy gestational age .This is because in mid trimester of pregnancy an infant in the womb grows in size and length, until the last few weeks when weight gain and organ maturity would normally have taken place.

why don't the smallest of preterm infants under 20 weeks wear a burial gown ?

Babies this small are too fragile for dressing and can benefit more from less fuss such as being laid to rest in a comfortable fetal demise pouch.Something Precious™ also supply these in any size and colour too.

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