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stillborn baby funeral ideas for springtime

stillborn baby funeral ideas for springtime burial service

stillborn baby funeral planning when you just don't know where to start . here you can find all the ideas for a private funeral ceremony from start to finish. you can give this to a funeral director or family member to help you organise the event. this is for one for a baby boy or girl during the springtime. and includes all you need from start to finish.

first things first leaving baby at hospital or transferring baby to a funeral director. if an autopsy is being performed its usually a few weeks before baby's body can be collected by the funeral director. most funeral directors don't charge for a baby funeral. the costs involved are for opening a grave and other expenses and upgrades. Such as paying for the lease of a grave from the government. church fees, ordering funeral cars. grave stones. Grave stones cannot be put on the grave until the earth is settled this is done weeks after the funeral not straight away.

stillborn baby funeral event

1. organising the event what you need to do
2. you cannot organise a funeral until you have a death certificate. you get one for a stillborn baby born after 24 completed weeks of pregnancy. you get a phone call where you pay for a death certificate by credit card over the phone which is posted to you. order 3 copies.
3. take one to the funeral director. after talking to them about what you would like to do for the day they will ring you back to confirm a date. If using a church this is to make sure no one else is using the church building on that time and date. plus to make sure the minister /priest can do that particular time.
4. some funeral homes have a little room to conduct a service there. this may be an option for families who are not religious.
5. write down who is doing what and when so you can plan it better give family members their own jobs to do write it down so nothing gets missed.
6. get a family member to confirm all is ordered and paid for such as wreath flowers , buffet caters.

spring time arrangements this is a list to arrange
funeral outfit for baby unisex boys girls, time, date, duration, location, service details, wake activity details ,transport details: who will need picking up how many cars will you need to fit everyone in there and back to venues.
flowers, music, poems, prayers.
church, community hall, funeral home ,own home,
service details : play nursery rhymes on entrance and exist toy sheep can be placed at the grave with daffodils, tulips, artificial or fresh.
wake details: tea and scones donuts in local cafe, or community hall for bigger numbers attending. young children can colour in pictures of ducks or yellow chicks in memory of how precious a tiny life is .

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