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hymns baby funeral burial cremation service childrens hymns

hymns baby funeral

hymns baby funeral burial cremation service

hymns baby funeral service picking the right ones. When a baby has sadly passed away. To begin with  planning a funeral service you may decide you want to include some or a few hymns. Choosing the right ones is the next step. What you can do is write down the ones you have heard of that you enjoy. But also the hymns you choose for a baby funeral may differ to an adult theme.

Do you want hymns for a baby funeral that talk about Gods love? Or cheery along songs so it wont be too heartbreaking?

The thing is a baby funeral is so different from an adult service. There wont be a dry eye in the church or building you choose for the service. that's because its for a child. gone too soon from this earth.

For early baby loss services you cannot talk about the years and years of memories. like an adult that you have known for many years. So you could decide on a celebration of life instead.

choosing the type of hymns for a baby funeral

All things beautiful because that's all your baby was about. Good things Purity innocence. Joy Love Gentleness. What do you think a child would like to hear in general . You may feel lulabyes more apt. 

list of Hymns suitable for a baby and children for a funeral service

click on the song to listen to the tune see if you like it. 

Jesus loves the little children

praise him praise him all ye little children

this little light of mine

Jesus wants me for a sunbeam

Jesus loves me this I know

Jesus bids us shine

hes got he whole world in his hands

What a friend we have in Jesus

Amazing grace

Morning has broken

All things bright and beautiful

The Lord told noah to build him an arky arky

Climb Climb up sun shine mountain

because he lives I can face tomorrow

Gods love is so wonderful

Above all

his banner over me is love

 hymns baby funeral childrens hymns

Alternatives to hymns for a child's funeral service.

In churches times past you looked through their hymn book to pick songs for s funeral. The choices of music was by heavy slow organ music or light hearted piano music. If it was a busy church sometimes they would have their own band.

These modern times in most churches they have cd players to take your own cd. or MP3 players projectors to put the words on the screen for all to sing along to. Some also have laptops tv screens for the people to follow along to the words of each hymn or songs. check with your local funeral director to see what  the church can offer you.


A funeral service for your baby but not in a church.

if you have a cremation service at your local crematorium. You'll find you are given a short time slot. This is usually  a busy place so you wont have the same full service with many hymns like in churches. approximate 20 30 or 40min  sessions. you could chose one hymn and play some music as people enter in and leave the crematorium.






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