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baby died having a baptism do you have to have one for babies to go to heaven

baby died baptism

baby died having a baptism do you have to have one for babies to go to heaven

when a baby has sadly died the parents may be approached to see if they want a prayer said over the baby by the hospital chaplain or a vicar to perform a baptism there and then. So if you are not particular religious you may be thinking will my baby not go to heaven unless a baptism is performed but that isn't the case and here is why.

in the bible (quotes taken from the king james version) Jesus said " suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not for as such is the kingdom of heaven. " so no child especially babies should be prevented from entering heaven at a point in which they die.

in Ephesians chapter 4 verse 5 it says One Lord One Faith One Baptism. so what is a real baptism if there is only one type? it's the example of which Jesus himself did in the river Jordan many years ago, where a person is fully emerged in water after professing infront of many witnesses true repentance from sin ,accepting Jesus Christ as their lord and saviour and as they get out of the water acknowledging a new way in living unto to the will of God in newness of life.

Young children especially babies cannot testify with words that they even understand who Jesus is so young can they ? so a true baptism is for those who believe in Jesus Christ..

sprinkling water baptism for babies

Its a tradition of man that in some churches adopted a new way of baptising babies and over years, many churches now use the sprinkling method offering it to babies and adults in this manner. other churches use the full emersion baptism service. Some families understand the importance of a real baptism and choose to have a baby naming ceremony instead in church. In the 1960's women who had babies often stayed at home after delivery and weren't allowed out and about until they had been what's called "being churched", blessing the mother and thanking god for the safe arrival of a baby in church building. this was still done even if a baby had died during delivery.it goes right back to a jewish practise of purification of a mother after the blood and other fluids was spilled at the birth of the baby. 

what is a christening for babies ?

christenings for babies ....  which in turn is another name for baptism. being baptised or even a baptismal service.

Its funny how the traditions of the some church leaders have evolved over the years including having strict rules for allowing a baby to be baptised in their church. some wont even say yes to a baby being baptised or christened unless parents attend church regularly. imagine having to turn up for a few weeks leading up to the christening service or you'll get refused. that's why when you mix a lie for a truth it can be very stressful to parents if they have been led to believe their baby that died wont go to heaven unless they get baptised.

saying a prayer for a baby when mum had a miscarriage

there is no harm in saying a little prayer for very tiny babies that sadly died early on in pregnancy due to a miscarriage.

in the bible in Job chapter 1 verse 21 it says it says "The lord gave and the lord hath taketh away: but blessed be the name of the lord. 

its often in sad times that God can be blamed for things that happen but it also says The lord is my refuge and my strength I called unto him and he heard my cry. Its at the sad time of losing a baby that you can turn to God for comfort for peace to get through just one day at a time because .psalm 31 verse 24 be of good courage and he shall strengthen your heart all ye that hope in the lord.

chaplain in hospital saying a prayer for a premature baby that has just sadly died

if you are not particularly religious but would like a prayer said for your premature baby that has sadly just died in the NICU then that's not a problem. they are there to offer support to you in your time of need. I remember seeing a little tree decorated with all the babies names on that sadly passed away born too soon. it was a lovely way to honour their memory as the card had baby's details on in the hospital and you can also add your own or put babys name in the condolence book they have there.

baptism dresses gowns and christening clothes for a funeral service for tiny babies

at Something Precious you can find all you need to dress baby in comfort for their special day of being laid to rest. you may want something extra special in case its just once that you will get to dress them. A new range of luxury baby bereavement wear have now been added to the collections on the Something Precious website.clothing That's unique and exquisite too. Think wedding day baptism day or a Christening with all the trims when cost isn't an issue when pure luxury is concerned.taking lots of photos too pre ceremony capturing memories to last a lifetime.see the Precious Gems collection of these baptism christening attire here for tiny babies.




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