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pregnancy ultrasound something wrong baby fetal loss anomaly scan 20 weeks

 fetal anomally scan

something wrong detected baby fetal loss anomaly scan at 20 weeks

are you pregnant scan due at 18-20 weeks what to expect if something is wrong or an anomaly is detected on an ultra sound? the main thing is its your baby your choice?

The consultant will point out the issues and will most often offer a termination, so often its is emphasized that its in the best interest of the baby but is it ? here is an alternative to consider ?

fetal loss baby died no heartbeat on anomaly scan in pregnancy

scan and a Doppler test reveals that baby has no heartbeat in pregnancy at 18-20 weeks of pregnancy. what happens next after a second confirmation, and confirm that baby has indeed died.a baby that has reached this stage of pregnancy will be born normally unless there is a risk to mums health and a c section will be performed in an emergency. baby may start to be born with no drugs at the hospital but the hospital may advise to come in for an induction to deliver baby normally.or  a miscarriage could happen at home.   


baby alive but heart defect detected on fetal anomaly scan at 19 weeks of pregnancy

as a mother you want to protect your baby by keeping them safe and showing them love. To make the most of the here and now creating wonderful loving memories as a family with your baby,whilst still growing protected inside of you.

A lady had an anomaly scan which detected a heart problem in the baby that wasn't compatible with life. so as a family instead of having the baby killed inside her to be born dead. she carried her to term. the family as well as other siblings took photos every day made beautiful memories captured on video, went to places they would normally go as a whole family and showered her unborn baby girl with love. the family also wrote a song in honour of their baby girl and is now played at lots of baby funerals each year all over the world,and her memory lives on forever.

Every baby has a purpose in life and as individuals we don't often know what that is until they are born. nothing is perfect in this world. you as a person in turn can also become a better adult in giving your baby every opportunity to touch the lives of so many.no matter what disability or hurdle they come across.

fetal anomaly scan detects down syndrome in baby

frightened of what the future holds when the scan results reveals baby could have down syndrome. many parents with a child that has down syndrome will tell you yes there may be health issues with some children but they have the purest love, a baby giggling, smiling back at you and there are no limits in what life has to offer you. they wouldn't have it any other way.

 CLEFT LIP  found on anomaly scan at 20 weeks pregnant

surgery corrects this issue.

what does a fetal anomaly scan look at ?

a fetal scan around 18 - 21 weeks looks at the growing fetus / baby in detail compared to the scan a pregnant woman has at around 12 weeks in pregnancy. measurements and shapes of the baby's skull are examined. brain development are looked at as well as the ventricles and measurement.

in the anomaly scan of the fetus a close look as the face, nose and features are identified and the neck and spine.The baby's heart rate and the 4 chambers of the heart are monitored in this scan.

The fetus is also checked at the chest stomach and limbs on the scan pictures. the mum is often told the sex of baby at this scan even though mums often pay to have a private scan done at 16 weeks gestation as the sex can be determined at this age / stage of development.


what sort of issues are detected on a fetal anomaly scan ?

Here are just a few issues detected during a fetal anomaly scan. A scan can reveal congenital heart abnormalities, urinary tract conditions skeletal issues, and the gastrointestinal tract .certain conditions indicate anencephaly eyes are bulging and no skull is present this can be seen on an ultrasound scan . an opening at the bottom of the spine that hasn't closed up suggests spina bifida along with looking at the brain structure and fluid. excess fluid in the neck fold can detect down syndrome. heart problems can be detected as the heart is examined

 fetal anomaly scan when expecting identical twins

if the pregnant mum to was found out to be carrying identical twins at the 12 weeks scan, regular scans can also pick up a condition known as twin to twin transfusion syndrome.this is a rare condition effecting only identical twins and is a high risk pregnancy.scans are remarkable in picking up information such as too much amniotic fluid around one twin and hardly any around the other it will look at the vessels of the heart as it can put too much strain on one twins heart usually the bigger twin. Due to new technical advances laser surgery can fix the problem even though its risky to the twins. The babies will be closely monitored with regular scans the babies can be operated on whilst in the womb with laser surgery to give the twins a better chance of survival.

Invasive test after anomaly found in fetus during pregnancy can I refuse it ?

you do not have to have the more invasive test of having a needle put into your stomach in pregnancy to check for trisomy 13 18 or 21. there is a risk of miscarriage,the mum to be is more at risk of losing the babies if pregnant with twins.

A mum to be can carry a baby to term even if the risks of having a baby with a poor perinatal outcome are high and its not the right decision for the parents to terminate . this leaflet will help you as you carry your baby to term knowing their life may only be brief





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