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what to do after a miscarriage with baby's ashes?

miscarriage baby's ashes

what to do after a miscarriage with baby's ashes?

 when your baby has sadly passed away early on in pregnancy due to a miscarriage you may decide on a funeral service for him or her. if you decide to have a cremation its totally different as you can get the ashes returned to you to scatter bury or keep as a memorial forever.

If you have a miscarriage at home you may just want to bury baby in the garden in a little box depending how far along you are. some parents don't realise its your baby and you can opt for the hospital to do the cremation for you or have a funeral director to organise it for you instead or do your own once the crematorium have performed the actual cremation.

you can choose your own little cremation urn for babies or look through the funeral directors catalogue but the range may be limited.depending on the gestational age of baby also determines how much ashes you will get. due to a baby's bone structure early on in pregnancy and fluid there isn't much ashes remains for very early babies once they have been cremated. 

the options to scatter baby's ashes keep them or bury them that is a popular question some families consider hard.

if you scatter all of baby's ashes you cant get them back once done. your partner may have other ideas if you want to bury them such as putting some in an ashes cremation necklace.

here are 5 ideas for you to think about for your baby's ashes remains.

  • you can bury them in a family plot with grandparents
  • you could spread them in the baby garden of remembrance at the local cemetery
  • your baby's ashes could be put in a baby's cremation urn on the mantelpiece
  • create a little shelf in baby's bedroom with a picture teddy and ashes urn memorial.
  • you can write a letter for family members to note that your baby will be buried or cremated with your own remains in the distant future.
  • scatter parts baby's ashes in sections as a family where you would have taken your child had they lived such as the park the zoo scattered near a tree,or at the seaside.

choosing an ashes urn casket for babies

what is available in the Uk for baby ashes remains to go in ?

ceramic made urns for children ...... can tip over and smash due the materials its made from

large box with lid coloured in cute patterns ...... size can be overwhelming for tiny babies when you only get a small amount ashes back.

metal urns for babies large in size not recommended for a tiny amount ashes.

coming soon baby ashes urns by "Forever Mine" created for tiny babies with the most adorable little teddy bears on the front ,hand made in uk from natural wooden materials that can be buried in earth that's kind to the environment, or kept forever near the parents close by 

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