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stillborn babies stillbirth most hurtful words said to you

stillborn stillbirth babies words that hurt you

stillborn babies stillbirth most hurtful words said to you?

you have just gone through the most traumatic experience in a life time the sad loss of a baby that passed away before birth .you'd think your family and friends will be rallying round to help you but don't be to shocked to hear that this is not always the case. stillbirth is a taboo subject even with a day being set aside called baby loss awareness it still is a subject that most people do not want to face. people do not know how to react. people who have known a best friend to have given birth to a stillborn baby has later found out who true friends really are when it comes to the crunch. even family members have been known to shun you in the street after a stillbirth.

you'd think after the loss of a baby that family or friends would be there for you in times of trouble but you'd be surprised that even some the  most closest family members no longer want to keep in touch with you.the words spoken from people can have such a devastating effect on you emotionally after losing a baby, not by how they say it but what they say to you.

 people who have lost a baby have had these words said to them after losing a baby can you relate to them ?...

  • have you not got over your stillbirth yet ?
  • it wasn't a proper baby ?
  • don't worry you'll have more children
  • things get better with time ....no its still a nightmare everytime I wake up ive still lost my baby
  • I don't know why you are having a funeral the baby never lived ?
  • I hope you don't start moping around the house the day after the baby's funeral ?
  • it could have been worse you could have gone full term ?
  • don't see your baby after a stillbirth it wont be nice go home and try for another ?

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