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stillborn babies causes of death when you have a stillbirth did you find out ?

stillbirth babies causes after autopsy

stillborn babies causes of death when you have a stillbirth did you find out the reason why your baby died ?

when a mum has had a stillbirth it means baby was dead at the moment of birth. You may want to find out why baby died with an autopsy.Sometimes you never find the causes of a stillbirth. it may take a few weeks to get the results back when baby was born stillborn ,it can give you some closure to put your mind at ease that it wasn't your fault that baby died.

so we look at some of results that parents got back after their baby too was stillborn and you may find it useful if you too suffered from the same issue. 

a lot of reasons seem to be familiar and crop up from time to time in stillbirths that a lot of mums can relate to which included cord accidents, help syndrome, placenta problems, abnormalities during first trimester development of baby ie extra chromosomes and preterm labour due to an incompetent cervix.


  • we lost out baby due to stillbirth it was diagnosed with triploidy that caused the death.
  • I lost my baby he was stillborn HELPP syndrome, IUGR, preeclampsia 
  • I had a stillbirth Complete placental abruption at 32wks.
  • my baby died due to HELLP syndrome
  • I had a stillbirth at 41 weeks pregnant 
    I was 41 weeks with my baby they said that the cord was wrapped around the neck , but the placenta wasn't functioning properly and no amniotic fluid.
  • when I experienced the death of my baby at birth I found out it was due to a Placental Abruption
  • I lost my baby due to Trisomy 18 baby was 24 weeks
  • blood clot in umbilical cord at 30 weeks that was the cause of my baby's death at birth.
  • Anencephaly at 21 weeks 
  • no idea until after our baby's birth Type 0 Spinal Muscular Atrophy 
  • 41 weeks  It was a knot in the cord with the cord wrapped around her neck twice
  • our baby died Preterm labour due to an incompetent cervix..
  • cord accident called Hypercoiled umbilical cord  very rare but that was the cause of my baby's death.
  • our babies death was caused by Potters syndrome at 39 weeks.
  • baby died due to Arthrogyposis at 29 weeks pregnant.
  • we lost our twin babies due to Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome


  • My baby boy couldn't pass urine even in the womb this was picked up at a scan,  warned that he could die in utero, and if he was born alive he would need operations to fix the problem his little body filled up with fluid until he was so swollen that his heart was working so hard that it eventually it stopped working for him and he passed away  before birth.
  • stillbirth due to Placenta failed in the 3rd trimester due to Massive Perivillous Fibrin Deposition.
  • on babies death certificate it said cardiac arrest from the tight cord.
  • the results we got was that baby dies due to Uterine rupture during labour at 40w 5days 
  • my baby died because of Blood clots in the placenta 28 wks.


  • our baby was stillborn the results revealed trisomy 13
  • baby died due to a severe heart defect full trisomy 18


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