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incredible woman makes stillborn baby clothes in uk miscarriage

hand made stillborn baby burial clothes

incredible woman makes stillborn baby clothes in uk miscarriage sizes too

stillborn baby clothes are available now compared to years ago due to volunteers making hand sewn gowns and resused wedding dresses into stillborn baby burial clothing. when babies who died mid to late term in pregnancy way back in the 1960's they then were taken from mums straight away and cremated never to be passed to mum for a final cuddle ever again. back in 2007 a women in wigan had a shop in which a family came in to buy their stillborn baby weighing 2lb some baby burial clothes. there wasn't even dolls clothes small enough to fit her so Something Precious was developed to provide stunning little burial gowns and outfits for miscarried babies and stillborn babies up to 1lb in weight." no baby no matter how small should attend their own funeral wearing no clothes". quoted by business owner Sheila Sudlow her goal and why she does this for stillborn babies...

throughout they years following the lines introduced, Something Precious has increased its range and diversity to meet the needs of every gestational age in pregnancy up to newborn.  many years later the brand is still going strong and some new developments for 2017-2018 are planned for an exciting product range to meet the needs of these tiny babies that have sadly died due to a miscarriage or died in the womb and born stillborn.

stillborn baby gowns miscarriage clothing

celebration of life stillborn baby clothing....

soon to be revealed...development of  the celebration styles in a selection of exquisite fabrics with beautiful trims; the collection will include gowns, rompers, boys outfits and more; in sizes ranging from 20 weeks gestation to New born. The styles will be designed and manufactured in Great Britain with the utmost attention to detail .these may be offered to hospital on a wholesale basis and reduced rates also to charities purchasing them for baby loss memory boxes.

so what type of stillborn baby clothes does this women make ?

you name it you can find it on both Cheeky Chums site (the main website that Sheila Sudlow is business owner of) and the Something precious website . from little socks, dresses ,gowns pyjamas snuggle sacks, satin gowns, bonnets, hats beanies, tweenie hats ,double knot hats in cotton knitted crochet, all tiny casket burial blankets, micro sized teddy bears to keep baby company. This woman even has knitters and crocheters from all over the uk helping her in making these tiny items for babies.

what about a baby bereavement card to send to a family in the event of a miscarriage

yes even baby loss cards for stillbirth baby miscarriage and baby boy baby girl cards son daughter twins and even unisex baby loss cards too are stocked here too.

created with love this woman makes baby loss moses basket cribs for infant miscarriage as well

why supply little moses basket cribs for a miscarriage ? 

when a baby sadly passes away due to a miscarriage before 24 weeks the little coffin for baby's funeral can feel rather uncomfortable.a baby should sleep in a moses basket as a baby , so this way baby can settle in peace in the tiny moses basket before being carefully placed into the coffin for a final sleep .

Who is the woman behind something precious stillborn baby clothes for infant burials?

Sheila Sudlow qualified as a nursery nurse in 1984 and spent 25 years working with babies and children from the ages of 0- 7 year old. A mother herself to 3 children and 5 grandchildren. she started her own business back in 2005 selling premature baby clothes on her main website Cheeky Chums. She created a department bereavement wear on there too and then developed another website the brand something precious website for just the bereavement side for tiny babies funerals.

 Where can you find stillborn baby clothes and attire for miscarried babies

for baby burial clothing for miscarried babies or a stillborn baby you can easily order online at the Cheekychumsonline website or Something Precious .Posting days for these urgent orders are Monday to Friday. order by 1pm for next day delivery excludes Saturdays. these particular stillborn baby burial garments are hand made to order so if you prefer a pattern on the website that is only advertised for a baby born at 20 weeks you can email or telephone instead and order over the phone. you'll get an invoice sent to your email address or alternatively you can pay using online banking too.


Can you buy stillborn baby clothes for a baby at 24 weeks gestation 

yes at Something Precious you can order baby burial clothes for a stillborn baby from 16 weeks in gowns and a hat or for smaller babies that are too delicate to be dressed in full outfits opt for a angel sleeping bag or a fetal demise pouch.Fetal demise pouches are in soft fabrics too for funerals for tiny infants.

what are the clothing sets made from for tiny babies that sadly die due to a miscarriage?

babies that sadly die due to a miscarriage under 24 weeks are very slender and tender to hold. Something precious baby burial outfits are made from the softest fabrics around and include brushed cotton ,cotton jersey and stretchy fabrics. Pouches for babies under 16 weeks are really cosy and the sleeping bags and quilt sets are made with bounce back padding for added comfort too.

can you collect in person for these baby burial gowns and outfits if a family have a miscarriage at the weekend?

the outfits will be handmade to order and you can get a family member to collect in person at the weekend if you wish. we post out Mondays to Fridays using special delivery but due to being handmade clothing ordered after 1pm on Friday can only be posted out Monday.even on bank holidays and winter holidays you can order and collect too if you wish to save on postage cost.

what type of outfits do you make for a stillborn baby?

the type of garments made here for a stillborn baby are baby grows hats and mittens in cute boy prints girl prints. plain fabrics including pastel shades and white.dresses and bonnets with lace trims,sleeping gowns with headbands for little girls,lace bonnets and longer length gowns in cotton,dungarees t shirts,leggings tops and hat sets you name it something precious usually have it.


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