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baby loss miscarriage stillbirth do you let children go to the funeral service

baby loss miscarriage funeral

baby loss miscarriage stillbirth do you let children go to the funeral service?

dear Something precious team I had a miscarriage my baby died at 23 weeks and we are planning a funeral service but how do I tell my other children aged 5 and 7 ? do they come to the funeral service or will it be too scary for them ? what if my mum says its not a place for children a funeral ?

Its important that children learn how to say goodbye. it can be in the easiest and simple for of letting balloon in the sky with a written message on or a drawing or even a photograph of them selves to let their sibling know they love them even though they are no longer with them. Children will see tears for all sorts of reasons happy times sad times and this is one of them, where there is love and warmth your children will learn valuable skills in how they too deal with saying goodbye to a family member in the future. fear is the worst not knowing what's going on is far worse. 

if there is an open coffin your children can put a drawing they have done in and say a quick good bye they can put a flower in the casket and give a wave treating them normal is what is best.

At the graveside or crematorium  they could also watch a dove release into the sky making treasured memories happy ones.

you can also create happier memories by doing a butterfly release a search on goggle will tell you the nearest place to you that does this for baby funeral services


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