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my baby was stillborn am I ready to go back to work boss called me in

stillborn baby going back to work

my baby was stillborn am I ready to go back to work boss called me in?

I am at my witts end my baby boy was born stillborn 10 months ago.A friend rang me to say the boss wants me to go back in to work, to have a chat with me or so it seems. Will he make me go back to work do you think I am fit enough ?  My husband is worried sick about me we have had some terrible rows recently he keeps telling me to get over it. I don't want to speak to my friends, I want people to leave me alone, the party season is approaching and I just want to stay at home but my hubby and son want to still go out should I go or not I really cant face it.

I find some comfort buying nik naks for my baby's memory but my husband thinks I'm going overboard. I want to decorate his grave with nice things is there anything wrong with that I just want my baby back in my arms why doesn't anyone understand.


What you have gone through when your baby was born stillborn is like nothing on earth that can be compared to its like post traumatic stress  grief ,anger anxiety all at once but on a higher scale. I would take someone with you who knows how you have been at home and let them speak to your boss on your behalf. as you are grieving for your baby you shouldn't be put in a position of your boss questioning you so that you feel you will end up in tears or have a breakdown.so soon after the loss of him.you could also write a letter and hand it in saying you will be in touch when your maternity leave is nearly up.  


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