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what are the funeral times for babies

funeral times for babies

what are the funeral times for babies

When planning a funeral service for babies you can find out the times by asking who ever is organising the service for you .For instance if baby is being cremated with a lot of other babies all at once arranged by the hospital then its usually once a month. So they will tell you the times. If you are having a cremation service privately for babies the crematorium will book you in a slot. they have a set few funerals each day and are strict to time scales. located on the building will be the names of who in turn will be cremated that day ,but will work with you to plan which time is best for you.

planning a babies funeral service with full burial and full church service the local vicar will tell you what times he arranges funerals during the week. everything will be coordinated if you go through a funeral director to make sure you arrive at different places at for the right times.

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