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does passive smoking cause a baby stillbirth

does passive smoking cause a baby stillbirth

Passive smoking is also known as secondhand smoking or side stream smoke. It is an involuntary participation in the act of tobacco smoking by being in the presence or vicinity of an individual that is smoking. Millions of people smoke tobacco worldwide. the risk of passive smoking is increased in countries with more people who smoke and with countries with relaxed regulations when it comes to public smoking. A good example of a country with excess public smoking is China with up to 350 million smokers. Many parts of the developing world particularly Africa also have high levels of tobacco use.

In recent times researchers have made an astonishing link between secondhand smoking and stillbirth. Stillbirth in itself is an emotionally draining experience. When a baby in the womb is lost by death at 20 weeks or more of pregnancy it is considered a stillbirth.

This happens in one in 160 pregnancies according to pregnancy related studies. The causes of stillbirth are many and varied. This range from defects, infections and accidents involving the umbilical cord. The causes are those that are common and some that are somewhat rare and uncommon.

Recent studies have further linked stillbirth to passive smoking. Studies suggest that it is not only smoking mothers who can experience stillbirth. Expecting mothers who are exposed to secondhand smoke of about 25 cigarettes per day are at high risk of suffering stillbirth. This is typically mothers who live with smoking husbands or other members of the family.

In countries were anti-smoking rules are not strict this can even be at the workplace. Doctors agree that there is no small amount of passive smoke that can be considered safe. Apart from causing stillbirth, passive smoking may also lead to heart disease, cancer and other nasal related chronic diseases.

Statistically women who encounter secondhand smoking have more that 20 percent risk of stillbirth and over 10 percent risk of defects. As mentioned above defects may cause stillbirth. This means even if the secondhand smoke itself may not cause stillbirth it may still occur due to defects caused by passive smoking. In light of these research findings compelling reasons for governments to impose stop smoking bans are ever stronger.

Tobacco is a deadly product which needs complete eradication to protect the health of pregnant mothers. Pregnant mothers will also do good to avoid places with passive smoke such as bars and restaurants when pregnant. This is particularly in places were rules are relaxed about public smoking.so avoiding being in direct contact with  smoke is much healthier for both mum and baby in the longrun.



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