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baby stillborn don't want baby shower after stillbirth

baby stillborn don't want baby shower after stillbirth

When baby is born stillborn before mum has had chance to celebrate her baby shower, telling family and friends there won't be one will be most difficult .Baby showers are sometimes done secretly by the closest of friends.

what is a baby shower

A baby shower more popular in the USA also performed in the UK now is a chance for usually family and friends (usually women work collegues etc) to come together before mum takes on a new job role as a new mummy.

The place for the baby shower would be lovingly decorated in the baby colours if the sex of baby was known in advance.everyone has a good laugh and gets to play funny baby party games and give gifts for the new baby.

my baby died due to a stillbirth no baby shower

So as you can see telling the ones organizing the baby shower will have to be told discretely and privately that the baby shower cannot go ahead due to the sensitive reason that baby passed away..

The best person to share the news would be a grandparent or closest friend so the mum and dad do not have to repeat the devastating news out loud.

They would have just lost their baby feel the world has caved in around them.they would feel numb and may not even feel like answering phone calls or the door even.

baby shower gifts

Gifts that have already been purchased could be stored away until parents decide what they would like to do with them ie charity, local sure start for poor families or keep them in the attic in a large trunk as baby's memories.

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