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is it easy to get pregnant after a stillbirth

having another baby after a stillbirth

Trying to conceive after having a stillbirth pregnancy loss between the 20th week and birth becomes a very personal and intense decision for most couples. Below is a guide that outlines the steps of recovery and helps in determining if trying for another baby is right for you. Trying to conceive after a stillbirth needs to come at the recommendation of your doctor or midwife. Most doctors and midwives recommend that you wait at least two to three menstrual cycles before you start trying to conceive again if you've experienced a stillbirth, 

trying to conceive again if you've experienced a stillbirth, miscarriage, or full term delivery, and at least six months if you've experienced a Cesarean delivery. Also continuing your prenatal vitamins after an uncomplicated pregnancy and a normal delivery helps to give your body time to replenish your vitamin and mineral stores.

Trying to conceive after a stillbirth also requires emotional preparation. Allowing yourself adequate time to grieve your loss and to get through the empty arms feeling helps in preparing for the future of a new baby as a sibling and not a replacement. The grieving process is also so important in processing the loss you experienced and lessening the chance of causing emotional trauma when you deliver the new baby.

Entering a new pregnancy with realistic expectations is vitally important to you and your spouse. Having another child can also be a major part of the healing process.

There are pros and cons of waiting to try to conceive after a stillbirth, and they need to be weighed carefully. Some of the reasons for waiting include allowing more time to work through your grief and loss. You have been through a lot and healing takes time. At the same time your body may need a period to recuperate. At the same time there are many advantages to moving on and trying to become pregnant fairly soon. Worry about whether or not you can conceive again is very common. Many wish to move on to alleviate this fear, plus the new pregnancy can give you something to focus on and take hope in once again.

Talking about your decision with your partner, and recognizing the partner who is not as eager, allowing him or her time to prepare for the next pregnancy is key in moving forward. Listening to one anothers' concerns and allowing each other the time to resolve these concerns may be all that is needed to consider each others' feelings and dreams. The bottom line of course, is that the decision is up to you and your partner only, along with your doctor or midwife. Most moms who have had a stillbirth insist that knowing when you're ready to start trying is a gut feeling. When you feel that your desire to have a child is greater than your fear of losing another, you are ready.


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