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grieving process for intrauterine fetal demise

grieving process intrauterine fetal demise fetal death baby died early in the womb.

On a scan it may have been determined that baby died early in the intrauterine womb also known as a fetal demise.

Grieving over a baby that died no matter what stage baby passed away at, is not ever the same as compared to the death of an adult family member or friend.

News of A new life expected with excitement has just been cut short in a instant being dealt the worst possible news ever that baby has gone.Grieving starts the day the parents find out for definite that a fetal demise as happened to them. Everything from then onwards will change their lives forever. its important to have the birth of the baby delivered with the closest family members around for care and support. Keeping as many keepsakes as possible in case mum doesn't feel she can hold or see baby in the first instance.

let the mum and dad with support have as much time with baby as possible instead of rushing a funeral service just to move on.the parents will find in the grieving process of a fetal demise that one day at a time will even be hard.

A fetal demise a time to heal and grieve.

only time will tell in the long run how each individual copes with the death of a baby.

What anyone dealing with grief is is to realize where there is love there is life.

Grieving over a fetal demise is a slow process there can be overwhelming feelings of blaming oneself,guilt, pain, hurt,the emotional response to loss feeling out of control and if there was something that could have been done to prevent it,the answer no.

5 steps How to cope with a intrauterine fetal demise

  1. Do not isolate your self away from others especially your partner. You may need to take a couple of weeks as the news starts to sink in and you may want to turn your phones off in case you feel you cant face anyone outside your closest family members.Talking helps.
  2. Its ok if you feel angry you feel as if your whole world as fallen apart,you have been robbed of your baby,It has gone too soon before you could teach it to crawl,walk or talk but remember the little baby had you as its mother, no one else, you to show it love affection and care if only for a short while here on earth, it had you and love remains forever and never goes away.
  3. Keep your self busy don't mope around if you feel depressed get out and about, start up a campaign or charity for babies that died invetro or get involved with your local SANDS group.Join face group support groups on baby loss talking to other parents in the same situation as you helps.
  4. Don't hold on to your baby's remains, put them in a place of dignity where they cant get knocked over if they are ashes in an urn,Don't make your baby's grave a shrine. Its good to visit and keep the area crisp clean every now and then and by adding fresh flowers or artificial ones  but sitting by the graveside daily wont heal the pain,its learning to accept that baby has gone onto a peaceful place in heaven that will keep you going.
  5. Taking in the news of a fetal demise does not get better over time.you learn to live one day at a time and to keep going because you are loved by other people. They need you to love them too because lets face it you have got a whole lot of love to go round haven't you?



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